Attention Deficit Disorder – Drug Free Solution

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have become major problems in modern society, affecting one in 14 school-age children and about 4 percent of the adult population. ADD / ADHD affects an individual's ability to concentrate, focus, and follow through upsetting jobs, relationship, friendships, and families. Label and treatment of ADD / ADHD patients over time has moved from the psychological to the medical to the psychiatrist. The question is – what can I do to get rid of ADD / ADHD? One of the scariest aspects of ADD / ADHD are the substances being prescribed for treatment. These drugs often have terrible side effects that are specifically swap or pile one problem on top of another (potentially more debilitating or even psychotic causing). For example, in 2005 the FDA announced the liver dangers (liver failures) associated with ADHD medication Strattera. In addition, ADD drugs have also been cited for giving young users suicidal tendencies. Is this just the beginning? Doctors recommend "working through" side effects rather than stopping drug consumption. That typically means taking more drugs or something of the sort.

The amazing thing is how effective natural, non drug whole food nutrition can be in addressing many of the problems that are attributed to ADD and ADHD. This is because every symptom and every disease has an underlying nutritional deficiency that needs to be considered.

What's Behind ADD and ADHD What is causing attention deficit problems? The growth of cases should easily point to environmental or normative exposures. In fact ADD / ADHD should be referred to as disorders and not diseases because it has become clear that ADD / ADHD are tied to nutritional deficiencies that once corrected may result in "miraculous" "cures."

Dr Lendon Smith (MD), author of 15 books and advocate of dietary changes to avoid illnesses, based upon his decades of experience, believes that most children with ADD / ADHD have had some sort of injury to their nervous systems at birth. Events such as premature birth, second of twins, a collapsed lung or having umbilical cord around ones neck during birth, have been indicated to as potential ADD / ADHD causes.

It is now established that there is insufficient norepinephrine in the limbic (part of brain that filters out unimportant stimuli) systems of those with ADD / ADHD. Another important fact of note is that a large amount of those suffering are males. Dr. Smith also found that below a high degree of physical sensitivity, those suffering are low in calcium and especially magnesium (explaining chocolate cravings due to the high degree of magnesium in chocolate). Dr Smith treated patients with magnesium and calcium and within 3 weeks the ability to remove Ritalin or Dextroamphetamine, as well as other medications, was possible. Dr Smith went on to add other nutrition, including vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids. This makes sense, according to Dr. Vic Shayne, food science researcher, because "the vitamin B complex and essential fatty acids are both involved in facilitating nerve impulses to and from the brain." Vitamin B complex in natural foods addresses emotional and mental functions; without these nutrients there are mood swings, anxiety, inability to concentrate, depression and other symptoms known to ADD sufferers. "

How Do I Treat ADD? Interestingly about 10 percent of ADHD children do not respond to medication – which may be a mixed blessing. So what can be done about ADD / ADHD? The answer to this question is actually very simple. Follow these actions and you will increase your healthfulness without a doubt:

  • Eliminate refined grains (such as white flour and refined flour products) from your diet
  • Eliminate sugar (sugar goes by many names, so do not be fooled with glucose, corn syrup, sorbitol, mannitol, grape juice concentrate, brown sugar, etc.)
  • Replace all sodas, fruit drinks, milk, etc with water or herbal tea
  • Consume fish, flax seed oil or cod liver oil (Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids)
  • Studies have shown that fresh air and the green nature help ADD / ADHD
  • Start taking organic and / or wild crafted whole food nutritional supplementation