Atopic Dermatitis Relief – Home Remedies For Eczema Inflammation and Rashes

Relapses of atopic dermatitis rashes are unfortunately quite common. By avoiding any allergic triggers as well as stress stimulants, rashes can be controlled. But we do not always know if we are having an allergic reaction or if our stress levels cause these itchy red bumps. While looking for the root, there are a number of natural treatments that have been used over the years to help reduce eczema symptoms.

1) Oolong tea has been written up in 2001 in the Archives of Dermatology discussing a study by Japanese researchers. Although we associate oolong tea with weight loss, it looks to be effective for this itchy skin condition as well. The researchers found that within one to four weeks over sixty percent of the participants in the study saw improvement in their skin rashes. Patients were still continuing with their prescription creams as well. They were drinking approximately four to five cups a day of the oolong tea.

Researchers speculate that because this tea is high in polyphenols and tannins that eczema skin can greatly benefit from it. Oolong tea is partially fermented and these results in a high degree of polyphenols. In contrast, green tea is unfirmed. Others suggest that the healing properties may be due to the anti-allergic properties.

2) Flax seed oil taken internally has been reported by a number of people to reduce itching, redness, cracking and skin blisters. Manhy people are deficient in omega three and we often do not eat the foods that supply this nutrient. You can take either the oil by spoon or get capsules. It is helpful to take it with protein for the best absorption. During severe itching, I found that taking this supplement in the middle of the night would enable me to get the relief to fall back to sleep again.

Eczema can be very frustrating but a program that includes stress relief, nutritional components and moisturizing will help the skin heal and your life to normalize again.