Atherosclerosis Reversing

If you suffer now from atherosclerotic plaque build-up, blockages within your coronary or peripheral arteries, this article may be of benefit to you because atherosclerosis reversing maybe a subject that consumes your thoughts, especially if you have recently been diagnosed with the form of heart disease known as atherosclerosis. In fact it’s probably somewhat unsettling for you since the condition can cause complications such as:

1) Heart Attack from loss of blood flow due to blocked coronary arteries

2) Stroke or TIA’s (transient ischemic attacks) from loss of blood flow due to blocked carotid arteries or smaller arteries and blood vessels within the brain

3) Intermittent claudication or leg pain from blocked arteries in the legs due to peripheral arterial disease,

All of these complications cause suffering, disability, even death and so it is no wonder you may be searching for a way to relieve your suffering with some form of an atherosclerosis reversing solution. And… Undoubtedly your physician has told you you must take toxic drugs such as Lipitor, Crestor and others to lower your cholesterol. Sometimes they even prescribe a combination of toxic drugs to do the job of lowering your cholesterol and triglycerides but here’s the real deal…

Cholesterol isn’t the problem or the enemy. It is only a scapegoat that allows drug companies to make a tremendous profit while putting your health at further risk from the toxic effects of the cholesterol lowering statin drugs themselves.

Atherosclerosis reversing isn’t the objective that mainstream medicine has in mind. They don’t want to kill their golden goose, not when it’s laying billion dollar eggs and artery disease creates a 300 billion dollar, yearly, revenue stream via diagnostic tests, angioplasty, bypass surgeries and toxic drugs. What money sucking industry, such as mainstream medicine, would want to destroy a revenue stream such as artery disease with an atherosclerosis reversing solution? They wouldn’t, pure and simple. Now… They don’t want you dead because you would no longer be a revenue generating asset but they do not want you “cured” either. Oh no… Mainstream medicine wants to “manage” your artery disease.

Yes, I know what you might be thinking right now. You might be thinking that this author is a frickin’ nut but I challenge you to do more of your own research into atherosclerosis reversing and the non-toxic alternatives for reversing artery disease. For example:

If you do enough research you’ll find that a German scientist, Ferdinand Munz, created an acid that later (WWII era) was found to relieve suffering and symptoms of atherosclerotic heart disease in Americans who were treated with it (the acid) for lead toxicity. Since this acid, at the time it’s value in regards to arterial plaque removal was learned, had already passed the point where it could be patented for atherosclerosis reversing by the drug companies, and was incredibly cheap in cost, the findings were immediately swept under the rug and the truth of this amazing discovery kept from the public for over 65 years. In fact some brave physicians, who used the acid’s atherosclerosis reversing ability to relieve the suffering of their patients even though there were no clinical trials and the FDA had not approved the acid for use in patients with heart disease, were reprimanded, ostracized, prosecuted, even stripped of their license to practice medicine. But that isn’t all…

Linus Pauling, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry (1954), for his work relating to chemical bonds, was asked if he knew how to cure heart disease; in other words did he have an atherosclerosis reversing solution? When Pauling, using his brilliant mind and skillful knowledge of chemical bonds, came up with a simple, non-toxic, inexpensive atherosclerosis reversing solution for artery disease he was laughed at by mainstream medicine and called a quack! Mainstream medicine had the cojones to call a Nobel Prize recipient in chemistry a quack in order to derail Pauling’s possible life saving theory because, again, they could not patent the protocol and so their golden goose would be in jeopardy!

With a 300 billion dollar yearly revenue stream at stake it is highly doubtful that you or I will ever see a safe, non-toxic atherosclerosis reversing solution, or a solution for any of the cash cow diseases, from mainstream medicine. It is simply not in their best interests.