Astrology of Anxiety Disorder


An anxiety disorder affects our feeling and behaviours and can be manifest as physical symptoms due to nervousness, fear, worry and apprehension of ours life. Phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder are some kind of anxiety disorders.

The anxiety disorder may manifest as physical symptoms which can be mild or severe in nature. The symptoms are related to heart, lungs gastrointestinal and nervous systems and manifest as upset stomach, difficult breathing, shaking of body, diarrhoea and convulsions.

Astrological factors responsible for anxiety disorder:

Ascendant: indicates our physique, nature and strength in general.

4th house: denotes mental tendencies.

6th house: the house of diseases and disorders.

8th house: chronicle diseases, emergencies and hidden ailments.

3rd/9th house or signs: they are mental signs.

12th house: mental diseases.

Moon: stands for mind and mental structure.

Mercury: nervous system, logic and intelligence of a person.

Mars: related to head and all diseases related to head, sudden reaction, and aggressiveness.

Saturn: indicates obstruction and depression and melancholy nature, fear, stress and suffering.

Rahu/Ketu: sudden eruption and undignostic diseases.

Sign Aries: stands for head and brain

Signs Gemini/Virgo/Aquarius: rules over mind and mental structure.

Astrological combinations for anxiety disorder:


  • Moon placed in 6th/8th/12th house, debilited, heavily afflicted, in waning state or eclipsed indicates anxiety disorder of the native.
  • Lord of ascendant or Moon is weak in chart and having relation with 8th house responsible for anxiety.
  • Moon combined with a malefic and Rahu placed in 5th/8th/12 house indicates very high anxiety level of the native.
  • Lord of 8th house related with lord or house of ascendant indicate anxiety.
  • Lord of ascendant, Moon and Saturn are related by conjunction or aspect definitely indicates mental disorder.
  • Saturn as the lord of 8th house and related with lord/house of ascendant or the Moon gives grave consequences of anxiety disorders.
  • Weak Moon/Saturn related to ascendant/8th house gives complex anxiety disorder.
  • Moon combined with Rahu in ascendant indicates compulsive disorder syndrome.
  • Moon combined/aspect/influenced by Ketu indicates severe anxiety of the native.
  • Moon/Mercury afflicted by Saturn/Rahu indicates mental imbalances.
  • Weak moon/ascendant/4th house and a weak Jupiter placed in the chart can easily give mental disorder.

Other combinations for anxiety disorders:

  • Affliction to 3rd/9th house and signs Gemini/Virgo/Aquarius will give rise to mental disturbances.
  • Affliction to 5th house and Moon/Mercury may cause mental disorders.
  • Cancer is the sign of emotions and severe afflictions to this sign will also cause mental disorder.
  • When Mars afflicts the Sun/Mercury in Gemini/Virgo, the native will invariably suffer from anxiety disorder.
  • Placement of Rahu in trine and aspected by Saturn also causes mental disorders.
  • Conjunction of Saturn and Rahu gives severe anxiety disorders.
  • Anxiety and mental disorders seem commonest those native born under the signs of Cancer and Aries.
  • The native born in Gemini sign are restless and anxious which can lead difficulties in focusing mind and they may suffer from mental and nervous disorders.
  • In Sagittarius ascendant, Moon and Sun combined in ascendant/trine and Jupiter being posited in 3rd house indicates anxiety disorder.
  • Moon and Mercury posited in quadrant and also placed in malefic signs in Navamansa chart indicates obsessive compulsive disorder of the person.
  • Malefic planets in their operational major/sub period will act as a trigger to generate negative mental attitude/tendencies in life.