Astral Catalepsy Guide (Sleep Paralysis)

If you’ve already been exploring the idea of astral projection, you will no doubt have come across the a technique called the “Monroe Technique.” Designed by Robert Allan Monroe of the Monroe Institute, this technique was crafted from his own personal experiences in astral travel.

In this step by step astral projection guide using the Monroe Technique, we begin by relaxing the body completely. This is one of the primary requirements of having an out-of-body-experience, says Monroe. This can be achieved by meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, or various deep breathing exercises.

Then, with your body completely relaxed, you can now enter the hypnogogic state, or a state wherein you are just about to fall asleep, although not entirely just yet. Although Monroe didn’t recommend a particular method in which to induce this state, you can try focusing on a specific item, doing so until you enter the stage of near-sleep called “Condition A.”

Once in Condition A, make a conscious decision to go deeper into it. Clear your mind of all thoughts, and merely observe the darkness through your closed eyes. This stage is called entering “Condition B.”

The next thing to do in following this step by step astral projection guide is to move on into “Condition C,” wherein you are so deep into relaxation that you have lost awareness of your body and all corresponding sensory stimulation. The only stimulation you can receive in this state is through your thoughts.

Monroe states that the ideal condition for astral projection is in “Condition D,” a version of Condition C when it comes from a refreshed and rested state of mind. It is advisable to enter this state after you’ve woken up from a nap, or in the morning, before you start your day.

Once you’ve successfully entered Condition D, you are now ready to go into the vibratory mode, wherein you feel vibrations or tingling throughout your body, signalling that you are about to project.

In the last step of this step by step astral projection guide, you are to make an effort to control the vibrations, making them come in waves. After you have done so, you can then start releasing parts of your astral body from your physical one.

Start with a foot, or a hand, and work your way upwards, until your whole astral body has left your physical body. You can then choose to float up and away from it, or you can simply stand up, taking care to do so with only your astral body. Once you’ve done this successfully, you have then managed to have an out-of-body-experience. Congratulations!