Arthroscopy Surgery Clinic at New Delhi, India

Arthroscopy Surgery Clinic is a purpose built facility for diagnosis and management of all arthroscopic disorders such as knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, hip arthroscopy, ankle arthroscopy, elbow arthroscopy and joint arthroscopy. Our team includes specialist arthroscopic surgeons, physiotherapists and much more. Our practices utilize rapid rehabilitation protocols to make sure your return to activity is maximum. Arthroscopy Surgery Clinic is located at New Delhi in India.

Arthroscopy Surgery clinic is also specialized in looking after Orthopaedic problems and taking care of need of all in the field of sports and physical activity. It was established in 2002 with view to address all the needs of people of all age group. In Sports from assisting in assessment of injury to full sports and activity related issues weather be injury, growth & development, nutrition, body statistics, deficiency in specific group of muscles, psychology behind winning instinct. While in Orthopaedics dealing with all bone and joint related problems to all kind of arthritis and Joint replacement surgeries are performed by experienced doctors with long experience abroad and in India in the field.

Our services include :

Arthroscopy knee surgery, including cartilage surgery and meniscal repair at Arthroscopy Surgery Clinic in India

Arthroscopy shoulder surgery, including Frozen shoulder and dislocation of shoulder at Arthroscopy Surgery Clinic in India,

Anterior cruciate ligament surgery (ACL injury) at Arthroscopy Surgery Clinic in India,

Multiple ligament reconstruction surgery at Arthroscopy Surgery Clinic in India ,

Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries at Arthroscopy Surgery Clinic in India

Mission :
Our mission is comprehensive state of the art arthroscopic, orthopedic and sports medicine services through a team of doctor and staff working together with one joint vision of providing uncompromised excellence in arthroscopic and orthopedic care. We are Committed to understand the needs of those we are Privilege to serve, earned and maintained the trust and respect of our patient by doing more then there expectation and striving for ever improvement at every level.