Arthritis and Aching Joints


In this article I am going to describe some of the treatments used in arthritis, I am not talking pharmaceutical drugs you will have to discuss these with your doctor.

There are over 100 diseases that contribute to this painful condition, certain cancers and the flu are just some of them.

* Ginger has been proven to reduce joint pain, as it contains an enzyme that produces anti-inflammatory properties. It can be taken in many different forms, as a medicine, tablets, tea or fresh. Even if you cook it with a meal it will release a medical dose into your food, there are no reports of side effects due to high dosage levels.

* Another of natures wonders is cayenne pepper, this has many roles to play not only as an arthritis aid. It can be used externally for people suffering with poor circulation, or in a cream form to treat lumbago. Cayenne's Latin name is capsicum fructescens, so if cream is the way you want to go look for a product with the name capsicum in it.

* How about stinging nettles these have been used for thousands of years, most of us will remember the pain associated with these plants from when we were kids. Anyway the theory is to grab a grateful of nettles in a gloved hand and then whack the sore joint, if you try this please let me know how you got on. A much kinder way to take this treatment is as a tea, or steam some young leaves and eat them do not worry they will have lost their stinging effect.

* Devils claw that sounds a bit scary, but it is a plant found in South Africa, these are generally taken as a supplement, it is not advisable to take this product if you are pregnant.

* Glucosamine hailed as a new wonder drug by many, combined with chondroitin can work miracles, well as far as I am concerned I swear by the product.

Glucosamine and chondroiton are natural chemicals found in the body, they manufacture cartilage this works as a sort of shock absorber. Take them in tablet form I am sure you will find relief from osteoarthritis.

Of course you can go for the tried and trusted method of hot and cold treatments, my wife uses one of those bags that are full of wheat, you simply place the bag in the microwave oven and heat for three minutes. Place it on the sore joint, without getting technical the heat from the bag increases blood flow to the joints therefore easing pain.

Follow this with cold treatment wrap some ice cubes in a towel and place on the joint, this can help to relieve infection, do not put ice cubes directly on the skin.

All of the products I have mentioned here are natural, so they will not harm you. But if you are the least bit dubious please ask your doctor, he will probably tell you to save your money and take some drug he prescribes but to hell with him make your own mind up.