Arsenal 0-0 Premier League encounter last 3 games big crazy ball into the opponents 14, is expected to victory

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Tuesday 0:00, Arsenal will be their last of the season away games, they will challenge in the Aiwu De Park Stadium Blackburn. Sam Allardyce’s team had a powerful draw at home to Chelsea, a guest can gunmen overwhelmed the end of numerous previous 3 games? Point of view from the historical record, Arsenal are confident of reasons.

Premier League Blackburn Rovers as the power of the traditional type of team, was once more troublesome rival Arsenal, but Gunners in recent seasons the team when dealing with power-type record has been significantly improved. Since February 26, 2006 0-1 away defeat to rivals, the gunmen in the next four years unbeaten against Blackburn, 7 league games 6 wins and 1 level. More unexpected is that, in 7 games, Arsenal averaging 3.57 goals as high as the total losses of only 5. In a recent three contests, a total of 14 break Arsenal Blackburn Rovers door.

Blackburn at home this season and has good results, in the present of their 44 points, 75% from home. As the first 36, Blackburn and Sunderland 44 points with the plot, 11th inferior goal difference, they are expected to eventually enter the standings Shangban Qu, and last season they only relegation was confirmed in the final rounds of success. Arsenal hope Ai Wude taking all 3 points to ensure that their third position, however, only 3 teams this season, take three points here, namely, Manchester City, Tottenham and Everton three teams, Manchester United and Chelsea will only get a draw here.

It is noteworthy that, Blackburn at home in their number of goals conceded so far is 17, which only conceded more than Arsenal’s home more than two, and they are top of the Premiership season, “0-0” large, a total of 7 Field 0-0. Of course, every time and played against Arsenal, the situation has worsened, Blackburn and Arsenal clash in the past four seasons, averaging up to 4.29 overall goals, such data may have been seeding the gunmen on the fans is a good news.

Diouf is the key to Blackburn this season, players will not play in the Senegalese in 12 league games, Blackburn scoring rate from 1.22 down to 0.75, a drop of up to 39%. Diouf missed because of tonsillitis before the two games, but will soon return to the Arsenal game, it is worth noting that Chelsea’s goal is draw from the hands of Diouf. David – Dunn, as the core of the home team’s defense, when playing in starting to bring improvement to the team is not a small number of games in his absence, Blackburn, averaging 0.5 goals conceded will be more.