Arnica – The Secret Relief That Every Home Should Have

Life is full of bumps and bruises, to take care of the more physical ones Arnica is a little known gem that everyone should become familiar with and have readily available. Mostly used as an ointment or oil, in cream or gel form, Arnica is a herb used widespread for medicinal and first aid purposes dating back from the 1500's. Although there are many herbs and homeopathic remedies available, Arnica is one that is easy to use, whose effectiveness has been proved repeatedly.

You are probably familiar with those bangs that a child sometimes gets on his head, where you see right before your eyes the huge bump that begins growing within minutes. In this type of situation, if Arnica is applied right away you will be shocked to find how effective it is. In addition to being good for head injuries, where it will stop the bump from growing and will slow the swelling of the breeze, it can be used for a number of other aches and pains. It offers relief for bruises or black and blue marks from falls or bangs and for sprains or for limbs that has been over executed. Arnica can also help for injuries that cause hemorrhaging or for soreness or stiffness from sore muscles or arthritis pain; it serves as an anti-inflammatory and will help relate the pain.

Available in most health food stores Arnica comes in a variety of homeopathic home remedies. The cream or gel should be applied liberally on unbroken skin. It is most effective if applied immediately after the injury and continued three times daily until the bruise is cured. Make sure never to apply it to broken or cut skin and never to use it internationally except with directions from a licensed homeopathic practitioner. It is great for young children or kids and can be effectively used against diaper rash. Kids especially like it because when applied it does not hurt or sting and is easily absorbed by the body.

With a medicine chest full of assorted products, it looks like a shame to miss out on this essential form of relief. It is never fun to fall and get hurt and even if you do not have kids around it is surprising how often adults smash their leg or get a bang from something, not to mention sore muscles and sprained ankles. Do yourself a favor and have Arnica in the medicine cabinet. You will not be sorry and you might even join those that swear by it and carry it around everywhere.