Armpit Skin Tags – How Can I Get Rid of My Armpit Skin Tags?

Skin tags show up in the most uncomfortable and irritating places, don’t they? If you have an armpit skin tag, I’m sure you can feel it pulling and aching every single time you move your arm even the tiniest little bit.

Why is this always the case? Basically, it’s because skin tags always have a tendency to form in places where skin meets skin or where cloth always rubs against skin. Of course, it’s not always that way, but it does seem to be a factor that exacerbates their development. Ironically, the very thing that seems to be causing them to develop at a high rate of speed is also the thing that makes them incredibly uncomfortable to live with – even painful, in the worst cases.

So, the question is – how in the world do we get rid of these painful, unattractive little inconveniences? Well, there are a few ways.

One method of removing skin tags is to cut them off. The issues that come along with that approach, though, are scarring and bleeding. Another method is to burn them off or freeze them off – two extremes of the temperature scale. The issues there, as you might imagine, though, are that it’s difficult to only burn or freeze the tiny little area of the skin tag itself and not affect the surrounding tissue. And with this method, as well, you still deal with scarring.

Generally considered the safest of the widely accepted methods is tying off skin tags. You cut off the blood supply and they wither and fall off. However, the downside here is that they turn black and quite gross looking before they eventually fall off.