Are Your Ovarian Cysts Bleeding? Helpful Information You Need to Know About This Condition

Not all women with ovarian cysts suffer from ovarian cyst bleeding, which is particularly rare symptom of the condition. The pain a woman experiences depends on the nature and size of the cysts. Painful cysts include ruptured cysts and misshapen cysts which are bleeding and infected. Ovarian cysts bleeding can result in a lot of complications, such as abdominal tissue inflammation and torsion or twisting, which cuts off the blood circulation to the cyst.

Ovarian cysts may contain small amounts blood if they develop after your menstruation. Yet you may also find bleeding as a symptom if your cysts have ruptured. Ovarian cyst bleeding is the primary symptom of hemorrhagic cysts, which results from blood loss. If you experience hemorrhagic symptoms accompanied with pain, you must consult your physician right away so you can prevent harmful complications. The doctor can either remove your cyst or cauterize it to stop the bleeding process.

Women suffering from ovarian cyst bleeding should not fear that they might develop ovarian cancer, because cancerous cysts do not bleed. Bleeding is a distinguishing symptom for only benign ovarian cysts.

A condition characteristic of more cysts located at the ovarian lining is called polycystic ovarian syndrome (POS). This occurs in about 4-7% of women in reproductive years. Women who suffer from this condition experience unusual bleeding, miscarriages. They are usually infertile. Detecting this condition can not be accomplished by ultrasound alone. Additional examinations are required to confirm the diagnosis. But once a proper diagnosis is made, you can stat taking steps for a healthier future.