Are Your Health Problems Being Caused by Acidic Blood?

Did you know that your blood can be too acidic? Did you know that high levels of acid in your blood can lead to all kinds of health problems? Most people don’t know that the health problems they are suffering from could be caused by having too much acid in their blood.

Some people have naturally acidic blood but for others the acid level in their blood rises when stress, poor diet, and other factors cause the body to start pumping adrenaline. Adrenaline raises the acid level of your blood. Too much adrenaline can cause your blood to become too acidic. Acidic blood can also be caused by diabetes, or by excessive levels of caffeine.

If you already have diabetes it’s important that you have your blood acidity checked often because the side effects of having blood that is too acidic can have serious consequences for people that already have diabetes. Generally having highly acidic blood can be a cause of diabetes but if you already have diabetes it can be a sign that you are not managing your diabetes well enough.

Some of the symptoms that can result from too much acid in the blood are weight gain, depression, thyroid problems, aches and pains in the joints, and general weak or tired feelings. If you are having these symptoms and you can’t find any other cause for them it would be a good idea to get your blood acidity levels tested to make sure that your symptoms aren’t a result of your blood being too acidic.

You can also help decrease the acidic level of your blood by managing the stress in your life better. Start exercising regularly. Learn to meditate or find hobbies outside of work. You can also improve your diet to help decrease the acid levels in your blood. Stay away from processed foods or foods that are high in starch, sugar or fat. Eat more lean protein and leafy vegetables. If the cause of your symptoms is highly acidic blood taking steps to exercise more, eat better, and manage your stress will probably cause your symptoms to diminish or disappear entirely