Are You Tired Of Dieting?

A holistic approach to weight loss – a slimmer, fitter you simply due to a healthy lifestyle!

If you are like most Americans you have tried many diets over the years, and probably lost many pounds — the problem is those pounds come back so you diet again only to regain the weight and continue the cycle. STOP!

Research has shown that diets do not work. Of course you will probably lose some weight while you're dieting, but when you stop the diet the weight returns. There are simple explanations for this. First, you are probably extremely motivated as you begin a new diet. You probably stick with it initially, even if you feel that you are starving at times. So the weight starts to come off.

The reason for this weight loss is that you have changed your metabolism rate due to the shock you are putting your body through. It's important to understand how your metabolism works because it is directly related to weight loss or gain. Your body is designed to function with whatever amount of calories you have established as regular take for yourself, and if you suddenly change that amount your metabolism adjustments in order to accommodate.

A simple explanation is this … while you sleep your metabolism rate slows down. Your body is stretching out the calories it has on reserve so that they will last until the next meal. On awakening you eat a healthy breakfast and you kick-start your metabolism. So if you ROUTINELY ingest 2200 calories a day your metabolism rate is adjusted to burning 2200 calories a day. But if you suddenly decrease that amount you will shock the body and you will lose weight. The second part of this explanation is that your metabolism is based on what you routinely ingest. So it does not take long for your metabolism rate to change, or adjust to this new – reduced caloric intake, in order that the body functions as it was designed.

This explains the reasoning behind the thought that several small meals a day are better for you than one or two, or even three larger ones. By eating several small meals you will keep your metabolism rate up. It also helps to keep you from wanting a late night snack or eating a large meal at the end of the day. Remember that your metabolism slows down while you're sleeping so a large meal at the end of the day often leads to weight increase. Keeping in mind how your metabolism rate works it becomes easy to understand that if you maintain a steady or high metabolism rate, you eat healthy, and you are physically active, you will lose weight.

This can sound like a huge task until it is broken down into small, gradual changes that you integrate into your life, so gradually changing to a healthy (ier) lifestyle. The problem with most diets and weight programs is that the focus is on the diet or weight itself, rather than the individual where it should be. If your focus is staying with a diet or program then realistically speaking, when you give up the program or diet, things are bound to go sour. Or do you plan to make the diet or program a part of your life forever?

Since most diets are unhealthy, they should be used only for a short-term basis. The use of diet pills or fad diets may be ideal for you to use on a short-term basis in order to boost your self-esteem when you decide to make the gradual changes towards a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Why? …. because making the gradual changes will not bring about drastic results immediately, but the weight loss and healthy choices will become a part of you – forever. A trade off well worth making! If you also add a fad diet or diet pill for a very short time, you will see results more quickly and be more inclined to hang in there with the healthy, holistic approach

This approach will take into account things about you that you may not have considered could be related to your weight. You will need to track your intake and feelings / emotions during and after meals. This will give you an indication of not only what and when you eat, but you can also determine if you eat more or less when you are stressed or when you did not sleep well. You will also have documentation that will help you determine if you are emotionally attached to any particular food items.

This type of approach will address stress and anxiety. Many people find that they eat more when they are stressed, and others find that during times of stress or anxiety they simply eat whatever is easiest – which is probably fast food, full of calories. For those reasons it is necessary to attend to the stress issues in one's life when they are working towards living a healthier lifestyle.

If you are not sleeping well you may feel exhausted and / or too tired to exercise. Therefore it is important to examine the causes for your lack of sleep and rest. A holistic approach should also provide information about easy ways to integrate exercise into your life. One of the reasons that people do not exercise on a regular basis is that they do not have the time. What if your exercise was "built-in" so to speak? This approach can help you to find ways to do that!

Of course any medical issues also have to be addressed. Some medications and illnesses can cause increased appetite or slowed metabolism. That's why a visit to the doctor should always be one of the first steps taken with any approach to weight management and / or exercise programs. The basic nutritional information must also be covered. An individual can not be expected to make intelligent choices related to food and healthy living without being educated about those facts first. This type of approach to weight loss will include that type of information also.

As you can see by now, this method for weight loss is a very comprehensive approach indeed. Even things like motivation and self-esteem issues are addressed. This approach is the wave of the future and it's the approach that can change your future! If you are interested in losing weight or simply in living a healthy lifestyle you should consider utilizing a holistic approach!