Are You Sure Youre The Right Candidate For Breast Lift Surgery?


As you get older or go through certain experiences in life, such as pregnancy, you are bound to experience stretching of the skin on your breasts. This would inevitably lead to drooping, which might not be such a physically appealing look. Fortunately, a breast lift surgical operation (mastopexy) would just be the thing to restore that appealing, feminine look you desire.

As much as mastopexy is a very useful type of surgery, you need to have well aware of all that is involved in the operation, especially wherever you are the right candidate for surgery or not.

How Do You Know Where Mastopexy Is For You Or Not?

Every operation involving mastopexy would always be designed to specifically suit the person who desires such a procedure. This is because all human beings have very different body contours, as well as varied health conditions. For this reason, expert surgeons would always organize thorough consultation prior to surgery, in order to fully assess your true health status and suitability for the operation. Through such an assessment, the surgeon can then map out a treatment plan best suited to your specific needs and preferences.

There exist some general guidelines concerning what needs to be assessed to gauge your suitability for mastopexy, based on information from the Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery:

i. No operation can be performed on breasts that are not fully developed. What this means is that you would have to have achieved a certain level of maturity before you can even consider mastopexy, regardless of how much you want to change the appearance of your breasts. Perhaps, what you would need to do during this early stage in your life is learn to love and appreciate your natural body contours even before you opt to change what you were born with.

ii. Are you sure that you have the most realistic expectations? In your mind, are you thinking that the surgery will completely transform your look so that you achieve the appearance of some celebrity? This is one critical aspect that a professional cosmetic surgeon would deal with during consultation. Only an expert would have had enough experience dealing with numerous mastopexy patients to give you proper guidance on the most realistic expectations.

iii. Obviously, only sagging breasts would require an operation to increase firmness and create a better shape. However, this all-so-obvious aspect may not be so obvious to someone who is overtly self-conscious about her physical looks and assures that even her perfect body is just not good enough. Moreover, there are different levels of droopiness that a surgeon would handle in different ways.

iv. A wide variety of abnormal breast contours can be corrected by expert surgeons. Therefore, if you feel that your breasts simply do not look good, but are not sure whatever mastopexy can fix it, all you have to do is consult your surgeon and he / she will tell you whether the situation can be sorted or not . In some instances, your breasts may have an elongated shape or you may have an enlarged areola. Alternately, you may be having stretched skin, a flat-shaped breast or disproportionate shape of your breasts. All such cases can be rectified through surgery.