Are You Scheduling Time To Revitalize Yourself Or Making Excuses?


Do you schedule time for personal revitalization every week, every day or at least 3 times a week?

Time spent on personal revitalization brings the highest ROI (Return On Investment) for your health, well-being and ability to function optimally in mind, body and spirit. Taking ultimate care of your mental and emotional self is key to creating a well-functioning system.

Everyone is pressured for time. Yet, even with high demand careers people create time for personal revitalization.

When you set priorities for work and caring for others you need to set time for yourself.

Your health and well-being are the whole package of your inner and outer makeup. When you take care of the inside than the outside follows. In respect of your entire life, you can show love and attention to your mind. body and spirit. Human beings have a wonderful system of inter-connectivity. You can take time to get outside and breathe in nature, you can appreciate your alone time as an opportunity to switch off from external noise and reach inside to your inner being, and you can utilize all your external resources to look good on the outside too. In the rush of life and daily living, you might forget to treat yourself as the special being that you are. Here are a few ways to help you revitalize your mind, body, and spirit!

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success”- Swami Sivananda

1. Mind/Emotional

Your mental and emotional processes often give rise to fear, stress, and internal unrest. When you live with an outside focus everything has the ability to shake you up and cause unrest in your inner world. When you spend time reflecting, questioning, and understanding your thoughts you can give rise to a higher state of thinking. Introspection acts as your mental cleanse or reset. Your thoughts create your corresponding emotions; through a mindful and gentle place of awareness, you can uncover your thoughts and shift away what does not serve your health, vitality and emotional well-being. When you de-clutter your mind you clear your way forward.

2. Body

Your body is an amazing system; it was designed to maintain health and create recovery as needed. your body’s intrinsic power to regenerate, protect itself, and work hard each day to keep you moving is phenomenal. The majority of people take their body for granted through poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and inconsistent sleep patterns- and this only puts extra strain on your body’s revitalization system. You need to love your body and supply it with healthy nutrition, exercise and peace of mind.

Eat For Your Blood Type eliminate GMO List of GMO food – and manufactured junk food. Your body will give you signs and symptoms when a state of overall imbalance has been reached- but too often people are out of touch with their body so they don’t pay attention to early warning signs! They wait until the symptoms are intolerable–then they deposit themselves in the western medical doctor’s office and leave with a list of toxic concoctions that have negative side effects which causes more damage. The key to keep your body healthy is to listen to it. “Work, rest, play, eat healthy” – it’s a good phrase to embed into your mind… you deserve the balance of all four to live happily and healthily.

3. Spirit

Your soul needs care and nourishment too- people often bypass what they need within by spotlighting everything external instead. Your mind, body and spirit need emotional and spiritual sustenance.

When you follow your heart and ease your mind from external stress it places you at ease and greater inner harmony. Nurturing your inner being encompasses a holistic approach to health. You can take time to do things that you love and enjoy and spend time with those you love. You can feed your soul with beautiful and uplifting music or by reading a great book. You can show gratitude for all the wonder of nature that you are surrounded with, just by stopping for a little while to draw it all in. Take time when needed and embrace who you truly are!

Small things that you do daily toward your overall wellness encompass the bigger picture. We are all a work in progress, improving as we learn!