Are You Making It Hard To Be A Well-Paid Health & Fitness Professional? 3 Gut Checks Inside

You have your license to teach Zumba® and/or your certifications to teach all the hottest fitness formats. Sprinkle in that group ex certification, CPR/First Aid and maybe personal trainer, nutrition as well.

You work your ass off learning everything there is to know to teach an amazing class… and you’ve taught one amazing class after another. But some of your classes have been whomp whomp too.

You can’t stop thinking about all those little things you need to do in order to keep your fitness business going… marketing, advertising, practicing, the details with maintaining your space, how to get more peeps in the door, the latest thing you’re going to do, am I good enough to be successful?…

These thoughts of yours are running through your head while you are driving your kids to school (what did you say honey?), or making dinner (at the kitchen counter with your mind a million miles away), or washing your hair in the shower.. or putting veggies in your cart at the grocery store.

But there is something missing.

You are doing everything “right”.

You are following the advice that was given to you in all your different certification and continuing education courses.

You believe in what you are doing and you’re super passionate about it.

You’re a good person and you work hard.

So, why does it feel like such a struggle?

You are so busy, trying to juggle your fitness business with your personal life and the other paying jobs you have.

Being a full-time health & fitness professional is not happening, which is why you are pulled in so many directions.

You want a never ending stream of happy clients who are getting crazy results and who schedule their life around working with you (sorry Doctor, that’s my Zumba® day!).

You want to solely do health & fitness as your job, which really is your passion and purpose.

You want to use your expertise and passion for health & fitness to create a better life for yourself – have more control and freedom over your schedule and your lifestyle.

You CAN have those things. But let’s do a GUT CHECK first so you can get real with yourself.


Many fitness instructors feel like frauds – we call it “fitness fraud”. Feeling like a fraud can be described as “a high-achieving individual marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud.”

What do I mean by that? In our industry, a health & fitness professional who feels like a fraud is overweight, underweight because of body image issues, battling food addictions and unhealthy eating habits, not practicing the healthy lifestyle that you preach, and not feeling like you are a modeling a good example of a healthy person with a healthy lifestyle (not walking the walk or talking the talk).

In other words, you are hitting the drive-through in a frazzled mess after you teach your fitness classes and preach to your peeps about drinking water and taking care of their bodies, yet you’re sucking down the sugary drinks and cocktail bevvies.

First of all, we are all human. Just because we look at someone who seems “big” doesn’t mean they weren’t over 300 pounds the year before and have actually lost a ton of weight!

Embrace the journey you are on and share your milestones along the way. You are not going to be perfect all the time.

#bossqueen Advice: If you are feeling like a health & fitness fraud it’s time for you to stop and go within. Ask yourself WHY this is happening to you. WHAT are you really looking for when you self sabotage? WHAT are you really needing?

Then, take action. Purchase that health & fitness program you’ve been eyeing. Hire a coach. Put yourself first.


Having a big heart and loving to serve people is a pre-requisite if you want to be a successful health & fitness professional. However, if you want to have a thriving health & fitness business, you need to set your Mother Teresa avatar aside and get real with that it’s going to take for you to make some money.

You need to love business. Embrace the fact that you have to have smart and savvy marketing and advertising skills. Sharpen your leadership and your people skills, because business is no longer “just about business”, it’s very personal too.

At the end of the day, your bottom line that is going to make you money is if you are leading a vibe tribe – this is my term for your “niche” or your clients and future clients.

#bossqueen Advice: Sit down and answer these questions honestly.

Are you serving your vibe tribe in ways they can’t get from other health & fitness professionals that may be your competition?

Are you managing your day well enough to be a #bossqueen or are you just treading water, responding to the needs of everyone and everything around you and never getting ahead?

If your answers are no, then you need to get someone else’s perspective, such as a professional or coach who knows how to help you focus and create an intelligent, highly strategic plan of action.


Limiting beliefs are beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind which constrain our lives and have far reaching consequences. They are toxic to your life and your business causing self sabotage and negative thinking which results into negative decisions, bad behaviours, and feelings of sadness, anger, and depression.

All of us are programmed with negative beliefs which run our lives. They began from the moment we were born (some people even believe that programming started pre-conception and during gestation) and continued on during our childhood based on the experiences we had and the relationships we formed.

By the time you completed about 7 years old, all of your subconscious beliefs about who you are, the world, your relationship with yourself, others, money, success, food, safety, sex, love, spirituality, work, etc. were programmed.

Unfortunately, many of us still operate from that negative, primitive programming.

#bossqueen Advice: If you are working your butt off, doing everything “they” tell you to do and still not experiencing the success you deserve and desire, then negative subconscious programming could be at play and you need an operating system update!

Some people have success with meditation, affirmations, positive thinking, and/or reading personal development. Those are all great forms of helping you create self awareness and become a better, more successful person in life and in business.

Personally, my method of choice is PSYCH-K®. It’s a technique to access your subconscious mind and transform negative beliefs that are controlling your life into positive, self enhancing beliefs.