Are You at Risk For a Hip Fracture?

If you are over the age of 65 or have osteoporosis, move yourself to the top of the list, please. Especially if you are a woman, step forward. One in two women will experience a bone  fracture  in their lifetime; and, one of the most common breaks is in the hip.

In the majority of cases, individuals are susceptible to hip  fractures  due to a natural loss of minerals in the bones and decreased density as we age. Women, by virtue of their biological make-up are more prone than men to have hip  fractures  due to longevity. Usually, hip  fractures  in the younger generations are due to car crashes.

So, anyone can have a hip  fracture , but women over the age of 65 have a 50% chance of falling and breaking a hip. While many people laugh at the commercial for life alert devices, when the elder woman says, “I have fallen and I can’t get up”, there is nothing humorous about coping with a hip  fracture .

How to Prevent a Hip  Fracture 

If you are at risk for hip  fracture , it is extremely important to take good care of your bones. A daily regimen of calcium tablets coupled with osteoporosis medication may be necessary to improve bone density, or at least prevent bones from becoming even more fragile.

For those elderly citizens that still live independently at home, it is also imperative to do everything possible to prevent potential falls in the house. If the phone is out of reach, it could be some time before help arrives. So, many seniors now have an alert necklace. If a fall occurs, pushing the button will notify family and medical personnel that you need help now.

Beyond that measure, it is also important to admit when daily tasks have become difficult and potentially dangerous. For example, many seniors suffer hip  fractures  due to falls in the tub or shower. Thus shower benches or chairs, in addition to installed handrails can make a big difference in home safety and prevention of hip  fractures .

Low Impact Exercise can make a Difference

What most people do not consider is the benefit of low impact exercises in the prevention of hip  fractures . Understandably a daily mile run or walk is not a reasonable expectation. But, exercises like water aerobics can help strengthen the muscles around the hip joints, which give them more support and also aids in preventing hip  fracture  falls.

Now What?

In summary, just because senior citizens have a 50% chance of breaking a bone, especially hip  fractures , it does not have to be a foregone collusion. Instead, understanding how to prevent hip  fractures  can make living at home a lot safer and more pleasant. In addition, exercises and calcium supplements can help reduce the odds of becoming a statistic.

When taking care of the body, following a doctor’s advice, and taking precautions against a fall can make change the probable course of the future, why take unnecessary chances. Prevent hip  fractures  today and have a more pleasant tomorrow.