Are You A Vocalist? Learn How To Nail Your First Show

Do you have a new band? There's nothing more memorable than your first gig. You should make a mark on your performance, so you'll get all the motivation you need for your gigs in the future.

There are a lot of things to know about shows. You need to be aware of the place, the crowd, the sound system, and more. It's exciting to prepare and rehearse for your first appearance in the music scene.

Being a vocalist is an honor. Along with honor, comes a larger thing called responsibility. You are the frontman. You hold your band's banner high and you will be the first thing that people will remember when they hear the name of your band. Make a killer impression. Who knows, the next couple of times you'll perform you might get your first set of groupies.

Here are ways on how you can nail one big rock show:

· Practice, practice, practice. With a great rehearsal, you and your band mates will be more confident to pull off the stunt on stage. Go over your tracks repeatedly until you get the right blend that is pleasing to all your ears.

· Dress up. Do not think that because it's your first time to perform, you'll keep a low profile. Always remember that you are what you wear. You are a performer. It's about time you dress up like one. Another thing, do not exaggerate. It's still better to just be your best self, than try to pull off a different identity.

· Know your vocal range. When choosing the songs you're going to play, make sure they fit your vocal range, and if they do not, transpose or change key, because you do not want to sing flats and sharps on stage.

· When performing, you should own the stage. Run around, jump up and down if and enjoy what you are doing. Just do not forget to still keep good quality vocals while you're showing off. Having a high energy level will make your crowd more interested in watching you perform live.

· Get ​​good monitors while singing. Sometimes, the instruments' monitors drown your voice. You'll have the tension to strain your voice instead of singing with your heart.

· It's always best to bring your own microphone. Microphones in bars are often worn out. The audience might not get the best of your voice quality when you encounter old mics.

· Performing your original compositions will give your band an identity. Make sure that above all the songs you're performing, you nail your compos like they're your most favorite songs.

· Connect to the crowd. Remember why you are on stage. Always keep in mind that you are there to entertain and play for the people, not for yourself. Try talking to the audience in between songs, so they will not feel like your band is in a different planet.

· Smile. Nobody wants to watch a grumpy performer. You're happy with what you're doing, right? So show it.

It's your first gig, so better make the most out of it. There will always be problems, but as long as your band lasts and works together, you will be able to conquer any stage in the world.