Are There Any Other Names For Yeast Infection?


There are other names for a yeast infection. Some of these are “thrush”, Candida Albicans, Candidiasis, Candida yeast overgrowth and even Candida Tropicalis. Whatever name you know it by you should know that such infection is the most common infection of all.

In fact, 80% of adult women have suffered or will suffer from vaginal yeast infection, and a high number of adults and even children suffer from one or another variant of fugus infection, since it can develop in any moist, warm area of our body. There are several things you should know about it.

The most common name for yeast infection is Candida Albicans. This is a fungus that is usually present in a healthy body. It is part of a delicate balance, when an abnormal event such as a hormonal or chemical imbalance occurs, the yeast goes out of control producing an infection. Your doctor may call it with a different name.

Some of the symptoms of the infection are a smell of bread and cheese-like discard or liquid, as well as itching. When the fugus infection due to Candida Albican fungus happens in the vagina, it is called Vaginal Candidiasis or Monilial Vaginitis. Other parts of the body that may be affected by such infection is the mouth and oral cavity – gums, tongue and palate- certain areas of the skin and the digestive tract. Each of these are known under different names.

If you are suffering from vaginal candidiasis or yeast infection you should pay attention if you’re sexually active. Although is not considered a sexually transmitted disease, in some cases – 15%, more or less — male partners may show a rash on the penile area and it may even itch, after having sex with females suffering from the infection in their vagina. Vaginal candidiasis should be treated rightaway since it can be recurrent, even after treatment.

It is extremely important you seek professional help if you think you’re suffering from fugus infection. Your doctor (whatever other names for yeast infection she knows it by) will give you the proper treatment for it. Some advice: to fend off vaginal candidiasis dry your vaginal area carefully after bathing and wear comfortable, loose fitting cotton underwear. You should understand that prevention is always better than cure. Knowing how to prevent the occurrence of such infection is more important than finding cure when it takes place.