Are People Who Stutter Shy and Nervous?

Shyness and nervousness are two traits which are commonly associated with the personality of every stutterer. It is not something that is inborn to them or something which is caused as a side-effect to the stuttering problem. But these attributes are developed in the stutterers because of the incidents that have happened in their life. And since most of the people in the world treat stutterers the same way – as tease toys – the incidents in every stutterer’s life is more or less the same. This behavior meted out to them not only makes them hesitant to approach others but also makes them uncomfortable in their communication with others. This lack of communication portrays them as a reserved lot who basically keep to their own work.

Most people consider the nervousness associated with a stutterer to be part of the disorder itself but it is not so. The nervousness and anxiety is just a reflection of the way the stutterers feel within them as they speak. During a casual talk in a group, if a stutterer happens to stammer a word, the immediate reaction from others would be a slight chuckle which in turn could embarrass the stutterer. The stutterer doesn’t want such incidents occurring and hence becomes conscious of his speech thereafter. So at the next instance when he realizes the need to utter a word which he is bound to stutter on, he tries hard not to stutter to avoid the expected giggles from the others. This inevitably leads him to become more uneasy with the word causing him to stutter even harder. This fault of his not only evokes laughter from others but also triggers a fresh round of teasing which eventually leads him to feel insecure about himself thus making him even more reticent.

As a result of such instances, the stutterer tries to limit his talks to the minimum and avoids communication with the outside world as much as possible. Sometimes, these events may happen as early as primary school which may make the stutterer a shy kid and ultimately a reserved adult. Such withdrawal behavior is unnoticed by many and stutterers are branded as shy people. Since most stutterers go through this phase, most of them turn out to be introverted individuals. And since a majority of the stutterers are introverted, nervousness and shyness have become the signature characteristic of stutterers.