Are Overweight People Lazy?

Are You overweight? Believe it or not, when you were born, your parents did not get to choose your size. Your parents didn’t get to choose your sex, hair color or any other physical characteristic that makes you ….you. They didn’t choose your weight either, or your bone structure. They just couldn’t take over that job; it was hard enough bringing you into the world.

Being overweight seems to be a pre-determined fate for so many Americans. An estimated 64% of Americans are considered overweight. That equates to over 125 million people that are overweight and need to loose weight. Or you can call a spade a spade, which equates to over 125 million FAT Americans, which also means that there are a lot of very unattractive Americans.

Supposedly having too much body weight has been the result of you being lazy, unhealthy, unhappy, selfish, greedy, and unattractive. NO, it hasn’t been the result of any of those reasons! Overweight Americans are often some of the most tenacious career-conscious individuals. They are overworked and often fall into weight problems because they are working long hours, without enough rest and exercise! Approximately ½ of the other 36% of thinner adults choose to condemn those Americans who aren’t as fortunate to have a fast metabolism and the luxury of time to exercise. These very adults have the time, because they also find the time to ridicule the other 64% of the population that need to lose a few pounds.

This all may sound a bit harsh, but suck it up! The slogan ‘Thin is in and Fat is Out’ needs to go right back out the door with the aerobics instructor that brought it in. Sure, if you have a weight problem, you know you have a weight problem. It is not something you don’t have the intelligence to see. See Barbie, while you were on the beach with Ken, the fat chics were getting an education! Being overweight is still considered one of the biggest sins someone can do to their own bodies , but what about the people out there with true medical problems that prevent them from being thin.? They still fall into the thin person’s stereotype of a FAT LAZY person? The sad truth is that people who are exceptionally overweight allow others to ridicule them about their weight. The misconceptions that people who are overweight won’t work, are overall lazy people, unhappy, unattractive is a load of bull.

Just take a look around you; Some of the most beautiful women in the world are either overweight now or have been at some time in their life. LOOK AT OPRAH! She is gorgeous, but she wasn’t always the size she is now, but she was still a pretty happy woman, not to mention a huge success. If you look in the “heftier women magazines” you will find more beautiful women than what you find on the runways of New York, it’s a fact.

Whether we want to hear it or not, the fact is that “grown-ups” still act like children to get ahead in life. It really is the “take the camera off of me and point it over there at someone else” approach. Think of your girlfriends. You likely have one in the bunch that is as cute and prissy as can be, but whenever she isn’t getting the attention from the opposite sex, she will inevitably draw attention to your weight. Don’t pay it a second thought and here’s why. Even though you could get into a dirt throwing contest and bring out all of her faults, (for example that she really wears a lot of make-up because she needs it!) there’s no point because it really doesn’t matter. So you might be overweight, big deal, you are a beautiful person inside and out. Can anyone thin top that?