Applying Men's Cosmetics – Do's and Don'ts


For a woman, it is easy to know the basic nuances of how to apply cosmetics, as she watches her mother doing it all through her childhood. Thus she comes to know all the ethics and their pros and cons, much before she actually realizes what it is.

But for a man, who is guided, against the traditions, by his inner urge to look "beautiful", the application of cosmetics becomes a messy process. Naturally, he was not trained to do so in his childhood. So he must learn to do it the right way.

No Foundations With Facial Hair: It is okay if you love to use foundations to hide spots, scars and pimples on your face. But behold! You need to have a clean shave before you apply foundations. It helps you stop it making visible on your facial hair.

Concealers Go Well: Because you have beards, it does not mean that you have no right to hide the blemishes and spots on your face. You can think of applying concealers. Concealers and facial hair go well with each other.

Concealers Should be Lighter: There is a problem with concealers. They tend to reveal their identity if happen to be darker than the skin tone. So always use something which is slightly lighter in color than your skin tone.

Say No to Oily Foundation: An oily foundation is most suitable for a woman. But for a man, the water solution is the best buy. As this solution promises to be thin, it does not get clotted on the skin. So leaving no clue that you are wearing makeup.

No Glittering Moisturizer: Sellers in the name of mens moisturizers, may end up giving you something made for women. They make your face look oily and shining. So ask for a genuine product which matches you skin tone. Remember it must match you skin tone.

When to Say No To Foundation Again: If you need to attend a press conference or you want to steal the limelight at a party, then there is no way the need to apply foundations. These are the places where you have to face cameramen. So with every click, you face will shine more than the camera flashes. So avoid foundation and apply powder which matches your skin tone.

Dark Eyeliners are Dreading: It is okay to apply light eyeliners as they give a definite look to your eyelashes. But there is no rational behind applying extra deep ones. They make you look womanish. So no way you are allowed to compromise with your masculinity.

No to Colored Mascara: If you love to give your lashes some length and make them look fuller, then use clear mascara only. The colored mascara becomes noticeable after hours and make a mess on the face.