Apples and Acid Reflux – Does it Really Works?


Apples as a cure for acid reflux are becoming popular in medical circles. People suffering from hyperacidity know how difficult the condition can be. Heartburn, ulcers and even stomach cancer are some of the complications of hyperacidity. Popping pills every time a bout of acidity occurs is hardly a solution, considering the fact that it may be a frequent occurrence. As such, a lot of people are trying home remedies that will help them to treat this condition.

Most people wonder whether apples really work. Though it is true that there has been no clinical research yet to provide any hard proof about apples and acid reflux, a lot of people have been tried it and they are happy about the results. The mechanism of action is that your stomach produces acids in order to digest the food you eat. Apples are a natural antacid because they are alkaline. As such, eating apples lowers the levels of acids in the stomach. This means that the acid can not rise to the esophagus, thus suppressing hyperacidity.

There are a lots of medications available in the market for hyperacidity but taking them on a regular basis is neither healthy nor advisable. A lot of people have been reportedly been helped by the apples. If you are suffering from reflux disease then it is a smart idea to try apples. The best thing about it is that apples are hardly harmful so you need not to be scared of any side effects, as in the case of medications. So if you are looking for a lifelong solution then this is the only remedy which can help you. Follow a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and lots of exercise and you may not need any type of medications.