Apple Diet

The apple diet is one of the most hassle free weight loss regiments currently available. Simply eating an apple at the beginning of each meal can dramatically improve results if you are on a weight loss regime. And you don’t even need to cut down on everything you love and start eating healthy.

Three apples a day keeps the fat away

1) Eat an apple before each meal on a regular basis.

Have the apple first and then begin eating. Apple is rich in fiber which keeps you feeling full and thus, an apple diet makes you eat less of the high calorie food that constitutes your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You lose weight as a result.

2) Take up an exercise regime.

You don’t have to sweat it out, a little exercise every alternate day will do. You just need to burn a few calories. Jogging is a great exercise that you could consider. Swimming is another. They are enjoyable and at the same time effective. When you are on the apple diet, since you are already consuming fewer calories, a twenty minutes brisk walk or a ten minute swim, will do the trick and the weight will come off faster.

3) Although when you are on the apple diet, you do not need to count every calorie that you are eating.

It is a good idea to keep off the extremely calorie dense foodstuff like desserts and snacks. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite foods but beware of the snacks. Snack healthily that is the only thing you need to watch. It also helps if you have a high protein diet, since lean meat is known to reduce fat.

Apples have high water content and are also rich in fiber. This gives you a sense of being full. Thus you eat less and lose weight. Also the sugar content keeps your sweet tooth satiated and keeps your craving for snacks at bay. Hence, an apple diet makes you lose weight and that too without giving too much.