Anxiety Symptoms Treatments – Signs, Symptoms of Panic Attacks

When I was having anxiety and panic attacks I had no idea what they were. All I knew was that I feared having another one and so the cycle began that all I feared was having an anxiety attack then because of that fear it brings another on. So I was living my life like this until one day I was reading in the newspaper about anxiety and panic attacks. They had a list of all the symptoms, I was shocked to realize that the list was exactly what was happening to me and that I could finally put a name to it.

So I have complied a list for you that you go through and see if you are having any of these symptoms then it would be a sign that you are having panic attack or anxiety attack.

o Palpitations

o A pounding heart, or an accelerated heart rate

o Sweating of the hands or just sweating

o Trembling or shaking

o Shortness of breath

o A choking sensation

o Chest pain or discomfort

o Nausea or stomach cramps

o De-realization (a feeling of unreality)

o Fear of losing control or going crazy

o Fear of dying

o Numbness or a tingling sensation in your face and limbs

o Chills or hot flashes

o Feel like wanting to just run, but don’t know where

o Feel you have to get out of the room your in or the car

o Muscular tension and body aches

o Dizziness and headaches

o Excessive worry and increasing tension

o Inability to concentrate

o Overall tiredness and exhaustion

o Fear of the situations linked to their bouts of anxiety and avoidance of such situations

o Just want to go to bed and sleep and escape the world

There are more symptoms but these are the more common ones.

OK so now if you are having some of these symptoms and you feel that this is what is happening to you, where do you start?

When I found out that I had anxiety and panic attacks I found out more information and gained knowledge on what was happening to my body and what was causing all this happen. When I understood exactly what was happening in my body as I was having an anxiety and panic attack I felt more at ease to realize I was not going to die. I found out that the worst problem is that when you are suffering from anxiety, is that the body tends to tense up and you stay like that, like holding on because you feel if you let go you may fall off a cliff or something you don’t know but you just feel something may happen if you let go.

So I found out that by learning to do hypnosis that it’s a way for you to learn to let go, after doing a few sessions with a practitioner. I was then able to do it myself at home. I made sure that each day I spent only half hour doing the self hypnosis. I found that when I missed a day the next day I had a bad day. So by being consistent with doing the self hypnosis I was coping and each day got better and better. But the one thing really is that hypnosis is really just learning to relax your body and let go.

I would like to ad a side note here. When I first went to see this practitioner the first thing he wanted me to do was go on a medication for anxiety and panic attacks, I refused. Because I felt that if I have deal with anxiety and the medication made me feel better I didn’t want to then feel if I stopped taking the medication that it bring back the anxiety and panic attacks in my life. I had made a decision that I was going to do this without medication. Then I would feel sure that once I got myself through this it was me that did it not the medication.

Because it was quite a few years ago that all this happened to me there was not a lot of help around for anxiety and panic attacks. Where as this day and age there is so much more. Its just not hypnosis anymore there are so many other resources you can get help from including books, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique ( which is something I would recommend) subliminal CDs etc. Do some research around the internet and gain knowledge and understanding of what is happening to you, and when you have armed and prepared yourself with knowledge you have made the first step to recovery Congratulations!