Anxiety & Stress Can You Live With It?


Hi! How are you feeling today?

Do you have panic or anxiety attacks? Do you suffer from broken nights' sleep, waking up in those dark hours with frightening thoughts and unspoken fears? Perhaps you are stressed out and, by early afternoon, tired out and ready to flop

Let me tell you some of my story. A few year ago things started to go wrong in my business. First, one of my minor clients went bust owed me big money and, within a month, another client went the same way, to be followed only weeks later by my big client going into receivership following me many more thousands of dollars.

The stress was unbearable. My company was unable to meet its debts payments and, to make matters worse, two of my staff were suing me for unfair cancellation. My lawyers advised me to put the company in liquidation and avoid paying the debts but that's not who I am. My father taught me never to run away from my responsibilities so, these were my debts, and I knew I had to pay them off.

The months following were hell, living on the edge, making arrangements to pay debt, stress mounting by the day. I remember wondering if it was wiser to do as my lawyer suggested but I knew that was not the answer. I was determined to pay what I owed but I also knew if I could not control my stress level it was going to destroy me and then how was I going to meet my obligations?

I knew the answers were out there and, in fact, some I already had. But there were others I needed to find and so I thread myself into research and, after several months, I finally cracked it. I knew I had found the tools I needed to control the anxious thoughts that kept me awake at night and keep stress to a minimum. In fact it helped me through the dark period of my life when all else paled in comparison. At the end of that same year, when I thought nothing could get worse, my two year old grandson was brutally killed and all that had gone before seemed like nothing.

The trauma I and my family experienced and the consequent lessons I hunted down and learned has changed me and my family. I know now there is an answer for each of us and my aim is to share the things I discovered with as many others as possible so that they too can learn the magic of living a stress-free life.