Anxiety Self Help – How Can You Treat Yourself

People with anxiety and panic attacks are somewhat hesitant to seek professional help when they suffer from these symptoms. Some may feel awkward about discussing it to people they don’t even know. Others become more stressed out just thinking about getting medication. Thus, anxiety self help is the first therapy to consider when having panic attacks. Here are some ideas on how you can treat your anxiety attacks without visiting a Doctor. Reduce Physical Symptoms

The moment you notice some physical changes in your body especially when you feel anxious, immediately take deep breaths. But try not to overdo it because studies show that over-breathing may imbalance the oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body. When this happens, you feel dizzy and you begin to palpitate, thus putting you at risk for another panic attack.

When you breathe, make sure you are seated straight and your shoulders are relaxed. Place one hand on your stomach and the other one on your chest. Take deep and slow breaths through the nose for about four seconds and hold it for two seconds. Slowly exhale Negative Thoughts through your mouth, exhaling as much air out as you can.

Challenge your negative thoughts

People who suffer from anxiety attacks especially those who have social anxiety syndrome are pessimistic in nature. They tend to look at things negatively. To address this, the key is to challenge all your negative thoughts. You can start by identifying the causes that make you feel scared and overwhelmed in social situations.

Once you have identified the causes, you can then start analyzing how you can challenge those negative thoughts. Evaluate them logically to get more positive and realistic approaches to deal with your thoughts. Face Your Fears What better way to get over your fears than facing them head on!

This applies to those who have social phobias. Instead of avoiding certain social situations, why not take a closer step and find good reasons why you shouldn’t be scared in public in the first place. However, just remember to keep things in pace. Never rush yourself into moving too quickly and forcing things abruptly.

Learn to be patient as overcoming social phobias takes lots of practice and time. Furthermore, people with social anxiety concerns may join supportive social settings. Here, you can interact with other people who may also be suffering the same condition as you. There are also programs designed specifically to boost your social skills. You may also try some volunteer work where the environment is positive and you are appreciated.

The moment you feel like your anxiety is getting the best of you, don’t freak out. Just because you have these attacks doesn’t mean you can no longer function normally.

Although the best thing you can do is seek medical and professional help, there are still other alternative ways and one of them is anxiety self help. You can treat your anxiety panics by starting with yourself today.