Anxiety Remedy – Anxiety Root Causes and Solutions

What causes anxiety in us and what can be done to provide a lasting anxiety remedy? We can divide the causes of anxiety into two very general areas. The first area is that of some sort of chemical imbalance in the body or brain, this can be very serious and you should consult a qualified doctor to assist you in determining what could help you. The second area is likely where the majority of us fall, and that is everyday worry, which left unchecked gets out of control and can lead us to feeling anxious.

Where Anxiety Begins And Ends

We know that science backs up the facts that how we think, and what we are thinking about, has great impact on our bodies, our health, and the way we feel, and whether we’re anxious or not. However, even if we were very skeptical, or completely didn’t believe in any studies or science at all, common sense still wins the day. Just think about how you feel when you have a sizable debt to pay for example, and compare that to how you might feel (or did feel) when the debt was paid.

It all starts with and has to do with how and what we believe, what we think in our minds. It could be sizable debts to pay, grief of a recent great loss such as the death of a loved one, or something else. There are all different types of things that cause us anxiety when we think in a negative pattern over and over about something we have little or no control over. Often there are many things at once, even many small things that are just too much for us to handle without becoming overwhelmed and feeling anxious. Think about how you feel when you escape your anxious thoughts for a while – either on purpose or by distracting yourself. You may go out dancing or to see a movie or you may receive an unplanned visit from an old friend. In these situations, we don’t have the same level of thought focus of our worries, we may not think about them at all while positively distracted.

Now think back and remember your state of mind and how you were feeling in those moments. What caused this difference? It was obviously our thoughts or beliefs – what was held in our minds during those moments. Even if we have some deep seated thoughts buried away that are causing us anxiety, in the moment your friend visited or the good guy in the movie was winning, our thoughts were focused on those positive messages at the time. You believed that the good guy in the movie should overcome and conquer his huge dilemma, you were on his side – thinking, focused on, and paying attention to him and felt wonderful when he beat the odds and saved the day. Same with your old friend visiting, he or she served as a temporary anxiety remedy for you, you were likely feeling very loved that they remembered and cared about you – and those were your thoughts for at least a few moments, maybe you were just overjoyed to see that they overcame an illness they suffered with or something to that effect.

A Simple Anxiety Remedy That Works

One very simple way to achieve an effective anxiety remedy is by retraining your mind over time. We need to start putting in positive thoughts that give us a strong sense of well being about ourselves, and cutting down on negative input that’s often all around us in today’s world. Affirmations are one of the most effective ways to do this. One simple way is to create affirmations that apply to us. Most effectively, they should always be stated in the first person, stated positively, and stated in the present tense. For example you might want to use something like these: “I am a happy and positive person.” “I have a wonderful life full of love and success.” “I am successful in every part of my life.” “I see only the good in everyone and everything.” Write down what you know that you’ll state out loud to yourself each day, affirm them to yourself once or more, the more the better. Do this for a while and you’ll start feeling the difference in a few months, probably a lot sooner. Apply this simple anxiety remedy and you’ll see just how powerful having the correct thoughts will be in your life.

To learn more about the benefits of positive self talk, see what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it here: