Anxiety Panic Attacks

Anxiety Panic Attacks Can Be Cured

Anxiety panic attacks are a result of an exotic thinking which is learned behavior. An anxious person has usually suffered from different levels of anxiety for years and an increase in anxious thinking results in a full blown panic attack. Once the initial attack has been experienced the fear of more attacks holds the problem in place.

It is possible to overcome an exotic behavior, to learn to recognize it when it begins and to use strategies to change the thinking patterns before the problem turns into panic. Hypnosis can help because it re-trains the mind and your therapist should teach you strategies to use at home both sessions and after therapy has finished.

Finding out how the mind works, (Metaphysics) and applying various, easy to learn and apply techniques can lift you out of the awkward behavior and into a new way of being. You may have learned an exotic behavior as a child from the adults who raised you but you can choose to change that behavior at any time you choose.

Anxiety Panic Attacks
Anxiety panic attacks are not usually bought on by what happens but by what you make of what has happened. They are often a result of 'what if's' which is the fear that something bad may happen. The constant worries creates fear and anxiety and when that reaches a certain level the panic attack occurs.

A panic attack is a natural result of fear. Your body is displaying the normal 'fight or flight' response that can, in situations of real danger, save your life. Your body is working completely normally in the situation.

The trouble is that the majority of people who have this problem or any problem come to that matter do not know how to overcome it or let it go. They end up doing all the things that make the problem worse, holding it in position for many years in some instances.

Overcoming Anxiety Panic Attacks
Overcoming the problem, any problem, is easier than most people would believe. Instead of focusing on the problem, instead of trying to get rid of it, fighting it, hating it or being angry with it turn away from it and focus on what you want instead. It makes sense that you can not get rid of a problem while you focus on it because whatever you focus on increases.

Instead of fighting anxiety panic attacks let go and choose again. Think about what would be the opposite to panic attack for you (it will be different for everyone). The opposite could be to trust that all will be well, to be relaxed, to be calm, cool and collected to be happy, healthy, abundant or safe.

When you've chosen what you would prefer instead say it. Say it out loud or in your head, make a jingle out of it and sing it to a popular or favorite tune. Use the following affirmation daily and as often as possible, "Every day, in every way I'm getting better and better and better." In this way you trancend the problem (get over it).

Keep going, do not stop at the first hurdle, all new habits have to be repeated over and over before they become our new reality. You did not learn to drive by having one lesson and this new behavior will not be installed with one or two repetitions. It is however guaranteed that if you persist you will very soon find a positive change in affairs.

To your amazing success

Christine Wesson