Anxiety Of Death – How to Get Rid of Phobia of Death?

Anxiety of death, also known as death phobia or necrophobia, is the most common type of phobia that scares the hell out of its victims. It is the result of the unconscious mind that acts to protect itself from possible threats. In most cases, these are past seen or witnessed events in life that have a connection to death that resulted, although not always necessarily linked to serious emotional trauma. Such situations lead to an aftermath containing emotional turmoil, potentially for the rest of any person’s life, if left untreated.

Anxiety of death is normal. However, if this overpowers you, it would be best for you to steer clear from the triggers. However, you cannot do this forever for the rest of your life since you will only be avoiding a predator that will inevitably consume you in time. You must learn to face it. Your unreasonable phobia of death will not go away on its own.

If you’re afraid of dying through drowning, start by learning how to swim in the kid’s pool. Once you get good at it, you can level up by going to a deeper pool. You don’t have to rush it. You can stay on the edge of the pool where you can get a grip on the railing or the concrete. With a number visits to that pool and submerging your whole body for a number of times, you should try swimming. Still, near the end of the pool where you can easily reach the concrete. After relieving yourself from too much fear, you can now try swimming short distances in the pool and gradually go for the whole length. If you’re successful with this, you can go to a bigger body of water.

This is just a specific example on how to control your fear of death. Aquaphobia (fear of large bodies of water) is a different form of phobia. The main point in the example is the fear of dying through drowning and not the fear of water.

Since your mind is being bullied by the anxiety of death, you should teach it to think logically. Tell it that you’ll die anyways and that there’s no reason for you to fear it more than anyone else does. Everything and everyone dies. And your life will be well-spent if you kill that unreasonable fear before nature and time kills you.

If it helps you to understand, read the Bible. Even if not for the reason of faith, you can still do it for intellectual purposes. It will give your fear direction and possibly give you a more acceptable view over death if you embrace its teachings.

You should also try to relax. Think of what will happen if you die. If you do die, there will no longer be any fears- your soul is free. You can either spend your eternity in heaven or burn in hell. If you die, it will no longer be your problem. Your death will eliminate your anxiety of death. It’s as simple as that. But before you grab that rope or open that bottle of bleach, remember to enjoy your life to the fullest first. There are effective treatments available to stop phobia of death. So you can put those things down now.

In order to eliminate this problem and prevent any panic attacks that it may cause, you should put an end to the cycle before it completes itself. If you haven’t experienced any attacks yet, well, good for you. If you already have had attacks, stopping the cycle is the key. A program in the name of Panic Away greatly explains this technique in detail.