Anxiety- Know the Causes of Anxiety Disorder and Feel Better Now

There are various causes of anxiety disorder. There is not a single reason which is responsible for this trouble but this anxiety disorder usually arises due to the combination of more than one factors. The various factors that are regarded as the causes of anxiety disorder include:-

Biological Factor: The Major Cause Of Anxiety Disorder

The biological factor is one of the prominent causes of anxiety disorder. Whenever there is an attack on our well being, the adrenaline secretes a hormone in our body. This hormone prepares us for the fight, fright and flight reactions. This not only generates physical changes in our body but also psychological changes in the brain that enable us to react to a particular action. Some of the these changes include: The heart rate gets faster Experiencing strain in the muscles Shallow breathing Due to the physical strain; the brain also gets involved in this juncture, thus resulting into a lot of mental pressure.

Suggested measures to overcome this trouble include:- Following proper relaxation guidelines. Following or learning deep breathing techniques

Different Thinking Patterns , Another Vital Cause Of Anxiety Disorder:-

Every person has his own way of thinking about and reacting to a particular situation. The positive thinking tends to give a better and sound life, whereas the negative thoughts generate mental strain in the body, thus resulting into an anxiety disorder.

Suggested measures include: An individual has complete authority to change his thoughts, which further affect the physical and mental well-being of a person.

Excessive Stress and Lifestyle factor:-

Excessive stress and the way one leads life is also one of the prominent factors responsible for an anxiety disorder. Whenever an individual faces the burden of overwork /stressed out, an appropriate fight and fright reactions get activated in the body. It thus compels the person to react to a particular situation in hand. In addition to it, the way one leads life can also be one of the factors responsible for anxiety disorder. An unhealthy lifestyle habit includes:

Excessive work Improper/inadequate sleep Lack of regular exercises Poor diet schedule Behavioral Problem

You can overcome this trouble by following the simple precautions as:

By having a calm and peaceful attitude towards life By practicising self-care Intake of a balanced diet By taking a sound sleep for maximum 6-8 hrs daily

Upbringing Atmosphere: Upbringing atmosphere or the early childhood environment reflects your thinking capability. The surrounding environment can also be a major cause of anxiety disorder. It is usually during the childhood days, that a person learns how to deal with different situations in hand. As for instance, how you can express your opinion or the viewpoint regarding a particular matter and much more. It is the matter of time and experience that reflects change in the thinking patterns.

Genetic factor: Genetic factor is also a prominent cause of anxiety disorder that contributes to social anxiety. A long term study shows that OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and panic disorders observed in a person are the major consequences of genetic factor and the upbringing environment.

We can easily conquer all the above mentioned factors responsible for anxiety disorder. Since we can’t change our genes, so the genetic disorder which is the prominent cause of anxiety cannot be avoided.