Anxiety in Your Life

I'm sure at one point or another you yourself, or someone you love or know will be affected by anxiety or depression in their life. This is so very common in life today, it would seem to me that most of my family and or friends have experiences of this in their lives today.

We all deal with the emotions that come with having anxiety and depression differently, in my opinion based on how we were taught to cope with stress growing up, earlier in life. Some people were not given the parental advice or tools to mentally meet or deal with pressures in their lives earlier on and therefore, they tend to be more prone to symptoms that could often lead to depression later in life. This has been one of my loved ones experiences.

For myself personally though, I've been able to cope with large amounts of stress and anxiety it seems often in my short life of 36 years. But, I've always clawed myself out of that sinking feeling of hopelessness by trying to find the best of the worst situations. I have also found that reading and listening to music help switch my anxiety levels to a more manageable level.

This approach is not for everyone I know, but for me it has worked. Meditating or doing Yoga, or Pilates or simply taking a walk around the block have also aided my anxiety levels over the years.

Some of us often lose focus on the more important things about life. We let work and money get in the road of family time and quality experiences with our loved ones. How often have you said that you're too busy to sit and read with your kids, or just could not get away from work to spend some time taking that walk during lunch? When are we going to start putting our personal health and fitness above earning an income?

No, I do not suppose it is as easy as that!

However, it's a lifestyle change that you need to do when you are late to suffering from pouts of anxiety. Do not let that black cloud overwhelm you and your actions in life. Get out in the world, look up at the sky, appreciate nature and the outdoors. Be grateful for the freedom you enjoy and reach out to help others. This could all help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

For those of you that suffer from debilitating anxiety, my suggestion would be to always seek professional guidance, do not be afraid to ask for help. My husband often suffers from anxiety, it is like a cycle for him, and sometimes simply speaking to a third person has made the world of difference to him and how he feels about life in general and himself.

Go on give life a try.