Anxiety, Energy Psychology and EFT

Do you know someone who suffers from anxiety?

Part of having anxiety is anxiety about anxiety. The anxious person will normally try anything and do anything to get rid of this awful feeling. And when one thing is tried and the anxiety is still there, you probably try something else and so on.

Would it not be nice if you can find something that has results you can measure? OK, so maybe you will not lose your anxiety in one session, buy you can lose some of it in one session. If you actually could feel that happening, would it not be good? Of course it would!

Modern techniques that have are attracting a good following is a new genre of healing called Energy Psychology. Energy Psychology does not make you relive or recount your pain, it does not make you face your fear, and it does not make you do anything, period. Energy Psychology is driven by you, so you control the process, in a safe, gentle and effective way. It is a little like peeling the layers of an onion. You peel these layers yourself as you feel safe to do so, becoming more and more free until finally, all the anxiety is gone, and you are peacefully calm.

If you suffer from anxiety, please be assured that this is only a temporary feeling. You can overcome this. You are not alone and not hopeless. You can be calm and peaceful.

The most popular Energy Psychology method is EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. This is a neat formula put together by Gary Craig, and engineer by training, who studied its precursor, TFT, or Thought Field Therapy from Roger Callaghan in the late 1980s. The reason why EFT is so popular is that you only need practitioner for some of the process, and the rest you can do yourself if you prefer. More exciting Even, the if budget does not allow directive seeing a practitioner, you can simply download the basics <br> free from the source at Http:// and do it all yourself 's . And if the EFT practitioner that seems best for you is on the other side of the globe, no problem! You can talk and EFT on the phone, or use Skype, a favorite amongst EFTers.

Help is at hand for anxiety. Do not just take my word for it; investigate for yourself. Try it and make an informed decision.