Anxiety Disorders – Agoraphobia

I talked about panic attacks a few days ago, and stated that I would like to cover some of the other anxieties disorders to help people recognize and become more aware of what they are experiencing in hopes to better manage their anxiety.

Today I would like to touch on Agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is probably the most common of the anxiety disorders. Common situations usually involve crowded public places, like shopping malls, buses, and Nature pic 1restaurants, or enclosed places such as elevators.

People who suffer from agoraphobia try to avoid places or situations where they feel trapped and what feels like there is no escape. For me it was at work. I worked in an office within a small office cubicle. Every morning I would slide into it trying not to be noticed. I felt because that all eyes were on me and that people knew I was in fear. This went on for it looks like an eternity. Sometimes I became so self conscious of every little thing I did I could barely function. I bought it too long and eventually broke down to the point of being hospitalized and I could not work for months after.

Agoraphobia does not develop overnight. It starts with a panic episode of some sort and then gradually builds up in your mind to the point where you consciously start to try to avoid places like this.

Agoraphobia like all anxieties disorders should be deal with as soon as consciously possible. If you are having similar feels like I wrote in this article. Get help immediately before it gets to the point where you can not function. See a doctor or physiologist first. It will feel better to talk about what is going on in your mind and body. Your doctor may prescribe medication, but there are some great natural techniques available to us now that helps us to deal with this problem quickly, and to start living a normal life again in a very short amount of time.

There are plenty of natural techniques available to explore. I highly recommend getting started researching today. Do not delay getting your life back.

I would love to hear of your success stories, so please send your comments and emails. To your health,

Terry Poster