Anxiety Disorder Symptoms – How To Stop That Tight Throat Feeling

Anxiety disorder symptoms can present themselves in many ways depending on the kind of disorder. There are five kinds of anxiety disorders and they are generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, and social phobia. These are separate entities but may have a good number of symptoms in common.

Tightness in the throat is among the symptoms that these disorders can have. Like other anxiety disorder symptoms, this may present itself and can last for days if exposed to enough stress. It is very bothersome and sometimes accompanied by tightness of the chest. It makes eating unpleasant. You swallow every second. And your breathing can also be affected.

You don’t have to fret any longer if you are going through this. You can stop it. The concept is simple but the application can be difficult. Stop thinking about it. It’s as straightforward but paradoxically as challenging as that. If you can’t stop thinking about it, you’ll only make it worse. Try to do something else, like play video games or go outside and play ball. Distract yourself. This will get your mind off it. Not only will this work for tightness of the throat, it will also help other anxiety disorder symptoms.

Another trick is to drop your head to your chest. This works for some people with this symptom and can probably work for you too. Just give it some time. Remember to relax your body and regulate your breathing. You can also get a heating pad and put it on your neck. The heat will dilate the muscles and blood vessels and reverse any constrictions. Just make sure it’s not too hot to cause another problem, namely burn.

You can also try putting your head up and stroke your Adam’s apple with two fingers. Ask someone to massage your neck down to your shoulders. This should help you relax. Meditation can also help if you’re into it. By clearing your mind, you clear your throat. If this fails, try to pray. Praying helps. It does, greatly. Not only does it take your mind off the symptom but you also have God as your therapist assuring you that the devil in your throat will soon be exorcised. Even if you have no faith in Him, trying to put that in a vivid picture in your mind alone can help.

If you are the type of person that requires medication for every symptom you feel, try Vick’s. Others find that Valium and the antidepressants work too. However, it will take a month or so before the antidepressants will get rid of your lumpy throat. It takes time to see the results.

But if you’re not really a fan of these medications and their side-effects, you can try natural ways. There are trusted and effective all-natural treatment available for anxiety disorder symptoms which can work to push anxiety levels down. And more importantly, it works without using drugs.