Anxiety Disorder and the Fear the Media is Selling You


Are you buying the fear the media, advertisers, politicians and corporations are selling you? Most people are. And we're storing it up in our subconscious minds until it often overflows into anxiety disorder and panic attacks in those prone to these problems.

We can look at the word fear as an acronym – or actually three acronyms or three flavors, none of which tastes particularly good. But we're buying them and eating them, anyway. Or maybe it's more to the point to say they're eating us.

Let's look at the three flavors of FEAR, what they mean and where they come from.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Think for a second about the current world-wide economic crisis. If that scares you, you've bought the fear. When you really examine it, is it really a crisis and does it directly affect you? If you're like the vast majority of people, it only affects your thinking, not your life. Even at 10% or 12% unemployment in the USA, that does not mean 88% are NOT unemployed? Last I knew, 88% was an overwhelming majority.

The news media do not want to let go of the "crises" of the world because those are what keep you glued to the television and the front page of your local newspaper. The need you to keep watching because that's what sells ads. But they're introducing you with a lot of false evidence and you accept it as the Gospel.

A good recent example is the Swine Flu outbreak. Mexican health officials did a responsible job of reporting it and the media went into feeding frenzy. As a result, flights in and out of Mexico City were suspended, American people traveled vacations and business trips to anywhere in Mexico and were actually afraid of anyone who had been to Mexico or anyone who even looked Mexican – even if Mexican looking person had never been to Mexico. US hospitals had screening stations set up in their entrances, complete with surgical masks for visitors, and their emergency rooms were overflowing with people thinking they might die from a virus they might have.

It turned out the Swine Flu was not much worse than any seasonal flu and it was not an epidemic after all. But did the media spend any time telling us that? No, they continued to feed the fear machine.

False Experience Appearing Real

Fear is a generated response in your brain to an experience, whether real or imagined. You feel the experience and the fear. We'll see again how the media affect us: War, terrorism and the earthquake in Haiti are the current top stories. But if you live in all but three or four countries, you're not really experiencing these things, are you? Nonetheless, they're creating fear in your mind.

This fear is unavoidable. Your mind conjures up worst case scenarios of what it would be like if you were there or if these problems came to your neighborhood and you experience what could happen, rather than experiencing what is really happening in your day-to-day life. As a result, you become stressed out and maybe a bit anxious.

False Expectations Appearing Real

If you have any kind of anxiety disorder this is the acronym that will have the greatest impact on you. If you have anxiety and panic issues you've developed a "what-if" thinking habit and have a negative mindset so the "what-if" scenarios are going to be negative. "What if my alarm does not wake me up? I'll oversleep! What will I do if the traffic is bad? I'll be really late for work and miss that important meeting! fire me! "

That kind of fearful thinking might just keep you up all might worrying. Sure, then you've got to work on time, but you'll be so tired you'll be ineffective and your boss WILL be mad at you. This is the Law of Attraction at work – focus on your fears and they 'probably probably come true, sometimes in strange and unexpected ways.

What Can You Do?

First off, accept the fact that most of the things you've feared in your life have not come true and they're not suddenly going to start today.

Second, the things you feared that DID come true, you've survived, right? You deal with them as they happened and in the moment. And if you're reading this you must still be alive.

When you get caught up in the fear and the "what-if" game, you lose your perspective on what's real and what's not and easily accept scary things that are not part of your reality. The price for playing this game is anxiety, panic and mental paralysis.

Just stop buying the fear everyone is trying to sell you and live in this moment. If you catch yourself getting caught up in the game, remember it's someone else's game and you do not have to play it. Ask yourself if this scary thing the media is talking about is really going to happen to you.

And for God's sake, turn off the news and stop reading the front page of the newspaper! Believe me, you do not need to know about all the bad and scary things going on in the world.