Anxiety Cures – Reset Is The Only Answer

Is there a cure for anxiety relief? Yes there is but for anxiety cures to work they need to address the sub conscious mind and in particular part of the brain called the amygdala. If the cure does not address the amygdala then they will not stop anxiety long term, this is why medicines and some therapies do not work.

The amygdala is actually a pair of organs which are the anxiety control centres of the brain. The way they work is by analyzing data sent back to the amygdala by your sensory organs; your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. This allows the amygdala to decided whether there is a threat present that requires activation of the flight or fight response.

For example when your eyes see some sort of danger, a message gets sent back to the amygdala which reacts by sending out a series of searching ‘what if questions’; a risk assessment of your environment. When there is a real threat and you are in real danger this reaction is totally appropriate and the questions make sense. However, with anxiety disorders you get similar ‘what if questions’ flashing through your brain that don’t make sense.

You could be sitting at home, in the office or at work and you start having these ‘what if’ questions coming into your brain. What if this happens or what if that happens These can be very strange, disturbing and inappropriate. Of course these thoughts are inappropriate and it is just your sub conscious mind trying to search out threats in your environment that don’t exist.To overcome anxiety we must address this behaviour of your subconscious mind sending out these inappropriate searching questions.

So how do you stop having these worrying thoughts Well you need to change your environment and persuade your amygdala to believe that it is completely safe. You need to persuade your sensory organs, eyes, ears, etc to send back data to the amygdala that you are safe and you have nothing to worry about. When your amygdala receives this data it accepts that you are in a safe environment and resets your anxiety level back down to a normal, appropriate level. Ideally you need to get back to an anxiety preset, determined at birth, the bench mark for your anxiety level through your life.

To do this you need to find a naturally based anxiety cure that treats the sub conscious mind and resets your amygdala. Once you have done this you will realise that this is the only long term solution to anxiety and the only type of anxiety cures that work. You also realise that taking medication does not work as these do nothing about resetting the amygdala response. They may work by controlling the anxiety symptoms temporarily but will not tackle the real root of your anxiety and the symptoms will return once you stop taking the medication.