Anxiety Attacks Symptoms – How to Cure Them Without Any Medication in 3 Weeks!


Anxiety attack symptoms are scary sensations. The fact that each and everyone of us is designed to be biologically different, every individual experience these sensations differently based on their lifestyle, diet, health. These anxiety attacks symptoms can come in the form of chest pains, rapid heartbeats, irritated bowel syndrome, sweating, dizziness, body tension, shortness of breath, body aches, trembling, nausea as well as weakness – Just to name a few.

These sensations can come knocking onto your door without any warning and the fact that the cause of these symptoms are unknown, it can instill a lot of fear when you experience it for the first time. However, it is important to note that anxiety is NOT an illness.

Anxiety is nothing more than a behavioral condition that is set being set to an extreme level. This happens when the brain had been exposed to long term stress or trauma. These long term exposure to stress cause the signals of your body to “malfunction”, causing your body to “prepare for action” at the wrong time.

Anxiety is being experience to “protect” you from harm. Your body prepares itself for action against any incoming threats:

Your muscles tenses up, you feel overwhelm by fear, you started to take in more oxygen and your body starts to pump more blood to areas that are urgently needed. However, because the logical you knows that there is no real ‘danger’ present, you cannot explain what is wrong with your body. In short, chest pains and shortage of breath or even dizziness is experienced when your body starts to take in more oxygen, your heartbeat becomes more rapid because of the sensational fear against danger, Shaking and aches are caused by your muscles tensing up etc.

Anxiety attack symptoms are similar to your fear sensations. The fact that these sensations are experienced even though there is NO true fear present is all due to a malfunction of an appropriate response by your body.

Breathing techniques works. However, breathing techniques is invented to work by easing and calming your body down during these attacks. It does not cure or prevent these anxiety attacks symptoms from coming back again. If you do not know how to cope with these attacks and let fear overwhelm you, these sensations would come back scarier and increases your chance of developing an anxiety disorder.

In order to cure and start moving yourself away from these attacks, you need to start facing these anxiety attacks symptoms upfront. You need to know that these symptoms are not illnesses nor are they dangerous enough to harm you in any way. When you start to see them in a different light, you are taking control of these attacks and not by doing so, enables you to cope better with them.

Taking medication is okay but medication does not cure your underlying problems. More often than not, these anxiety attacks symptoms starts coming back when you stop taking these medication altogether. Another disadvantage of taking medication is that being over reliant on them can cause a scary vast of side effects like drowsiness, low moods, clumsiness, cognitive deficits and depression when taken over a long period of time..

Changing your diet to build a better healthier you can serve as an alternative. Try to include more minerals such as the B vitamins and magnesium can help in strengthening your brain nerves and body control, thus reducing the chances your body “malfunction”. Avoid stimulating drinks like alcohol or coffee that robs your body of magnesium and makes you feel nervous.

Again, anxiety is not an illness. It is nothing more than a malfunction of response. By understanding and establishing control over these attacks, you will be bringing back confidence and light back again into your life.

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