Anxiety Attacks – Relief and Treatment

Anxiety attacks, also known as panic attacks, affect a lot of people due to various reasons. They are usually brought on by stress because of some problems faced by the person who is affected. These problems can be mental, emotional or physical. They can be treated after one has the knowledge of the cause behind the attacks.

Anxiety attacks can be caused by biological, environmental or psychological problems. Knowing and identifying the reasons for these attacks are the first steps towards curing the disorder. Hereditary causes can give rise to these attacks in people. A person's conditioning, ie, his or her outlook about the surroundings also can be a cause. If a person is over cautious and then finds themselves in a stressful situation, they might have anxiety attacks in response to the situation. Some sort of trauma in the past can also affect a person if he or she is faced with similar events in the present.

Some diseases also trigger anxiety attacks in people. These diseases are mostly related to hormone imbalance in the body. In some cases, they can be psychological too. The diseases which usually trigger these attacks are –

– Hypoglycemia
– Thyroid disorders
– Sleep disorders
– Adrenal disorders
– Diabetes
– Certain lung disorders like asthma
– Migraines
– Epilepsy
– Certain heart conditions like weakening of the heart valves
– Other psychiatric illnesses
– Drug abuse and drug withdrawal
– Hypertension
– Stomach ailments like ulcers, etc.

Knowing the symptoms can help you get proper treatment for anxiety attacks. Most treatments of anxiety attacks are based on therapy combined with other techniques. The therapists advise you about the causes for your attacks and how to combat them. You can also learn breathing exercises and meditation to help you fight breathlessness and hypertension. This will further help you in remaining calm.

Medicines are given in cases where these steps do not work. They are mostly antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs which help you control the situation. But they can also have side effects where the risks of the attacks are increased by the intake of these medicines.

Self-help methods available today are also successful to a degree. They combine breathing exercises with personal guides in audio, video or print form to help you against the attacks. People who do not find results with therapy or medications can find some help from the self-help methods which work. The crucial aspect is that you need to know about your suffering and get treatment for it.