Anxiety Attack Panic Symptom Relief In Four Easy Steps

Anxiety attack panic symptom relief can come in a bottle. And of course, getting anxiety attack panic symptom relief from a pill can be tempting.

Even though many drugs promise relief from an anxiety attack panic symptom, side effects from medication can be a problem anxiety patients do not want to deal with. If you want to get anxiety attack panic symptom relief in a non-toxic but effective way, you need to harness the power of your body's neuro-pathways.

An anxiety attack panic symptom can feel like the end of the world. When you suffer from an anxiety attack, what's happening to you physically is that massive amounts of adrenaline are being released into your bloodstream.

You feel a message of fear, and that fear sends a signal to your brain, which sends a signal to the adrenal glands, pea-sized glands that sit atop your kidneys, that's an emergency. When your adrenaline gets to pumping, your heart gets to pumping too. Your heart pumps out extra blood.

Once all these bodily responses get get triggered, you will feel at least one anxiety attack panic symptom and probably more than one.

So how do you stop this cascade of terror?

Here's the great news: It only takes three minutes to stop a panic attack.

How do you do it?

By stopping the emergency message being sent to your adrenal glands. This is how you can stop that message:

Step One – Relax yourself by taking slow, deep breaths.

The most effective calming breathe is alternate nostril breathing. Use your fingers to block your left nostril and breathe in through your right nostril to a count of six. Hold your breath for three counts, then use your fingers to block your right nostril and breathe out through your left nostril to a count of six. Immediately breathe in again through the left nostril. Hold for a count of three and then block the left nostril and breathe out through your right nostril for a count of six. Repeat this sequence six times.

This type of yoga-inspired breathing forces you to slow your breathing and forces you to focus your thoughts on your breathing NOT on your panic.

Step Two – Cut off the panic thought by "shouting" the word "CANCEL !!" loudly in your head. This word will interrupt the emergency message your brain is sending your adrenal glands.

Step Three – Replace your catastrophic thought or your worry thought with a strong statement about something you want. Focus all your attention on something that you love or some experience or some thing you would like to have.

Close your eyes and see what you want right in front of your mind's eye. Make sure the scene is big and bright. See it as a motion picture. See yourself in the scene. Be sure the sounds are loud and the feelings are strong.

Now as you're watching this happy or soothing inner movie, make a strong statement about what you want. For example, state, "I'm in perfect health." Or "I'm perfectly calm." Or "I'm perfectly safe." Whatever soothes you is what you want to say.

Repeat this multiple times. If your fear is a reaction to a situation, tell yourself that you have gotten through other difficult situations and you can get through this one too.

Step Four – Make your emotions work for you. Ask yourself what you're feeling. Thank the feeling for being there and then ask how the feeling serves you.

Is the feeling warning you of a situation you need to fix or a problem you need to solve. Acknowledge that and resolve to take a step to change the situation or resolve the problem. Do not fight your feeling. Be grateful for it. It's a warning system that serves you.

These four steps, when used as described in a panic situation, will stop a panic attack and remove an anxiety attack panic symptom.