Anxiety and Panic Attacks – What They Are Not


Tens of millions of Americans suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, so if you've found this, you should know that you are NOT alone!

Another important thing to realize is that regardless condition is a mental illness, or even a warning sign that it might develop. They are a behavioral issue that can be fixed with the right information and guidance.

Another point is that it has nothing to do with lack of courage. In fact, people who suffer from anxiety are very brave – simply because they get up in the morning and go about their day. They face challenges that the typical person never has to face! Less brave people just would not get out of bed!

Facing your fears is real bravery. The good news is that once a person faces anxiety and panic attacks and learners to deal with them, they develop an inner strength that comes from facing down fear and realizing that they are stronger than they thought.

That is the hidden opportunity in having to deal with this setback: that you can develop an inner reserve of power and strength that other people will not. Can you imagine how you would meet all the challenges of life if you had been through a really tough experience, but had been able to come out on the other side saying, "That was not so bad, and I know I can make it through anything after that! "

Another important thing to realize is that you are not in any physical danger from a panic attack. It will not harm you. It is basically a temporary short-circuiting of your body's fight or flight mechanism. You will not have a heart attack because of it, you will not die from it, and believe it or not – you CAN learn how to deal with it so that it goes away easily and simply!