Anxiety and Hot Flashes

Hot flashes (also known as Flash) triggered by feelings of anxiety are recognized by the vivid blood flow to the skin and sensations of heat. These flashes have a range of further complications, such as palms sweating of the hands. These are much alike to the heat experienced by menopausal women.

Generally the first sensations of anxiety-triggered embarrassment comes in and is seen in the head and felt in the chest. Then again, shoulders, upper back and neck may be the initial areas that you feel the heat. From the beginning, the heat typically travels a circuitous way through the rest of your body.

Shortness of breath and lightheadedness often takes place during flashing. You may feel dizzy and think you’re going to faint. In some cases this can lead to a real pathetic, which represents the greatest danger. Transpiration noticeable in areas where the heat is going on is a common fact. Although the heat can be very temporary and only for a few minutes, it is always an unpleasant and annoying experience.

Concerns about what others think of the occurrence can promote greater anxiety. This can lead to a vicious cycle in which anxiety hot flashes causes awkwardness, leading to more anxiety, which intensifies the hot flash.

Brisk light breathing and the feeling that the air has compressed your chest often accompanies a hot flash. Although anxiety is the root cause of the embarrassment, sticking around in an overheated room may make the situation worse.

While the following is not likely to solve the problem of anxiety, there are several simple things anyone can do to reduce the intensity and frequency of anxiety hot flashes:

Avoid spicy

Spicy foods stimulate retorts similar to those of a flash. The simple act of eating spicy foods may be sufficiently close to the experience of a hot color that your body is stimulated to produce a real episode. The familiar feelings can also cause anxiety, leading to real anxiety hot flashes.

Do not drink liquor

This trick is truly about making a total reduction of anxiety, instead of hot flashes themselves. Alcohol consumption as a way to diminish anxiety is indeed working against you and takes over the causal anxiety. More anxiety leads to extra anxiety hot flashes.

Take a cool relaxing bath

The stimulation comes from the adrenal glands with hot flashes of anxiety. The decline of body temperature also shrinks the circulatory system by your skin, reinstates blood flow through most of the body.

Eventually, the real secret to completely abolish these heat waves in your life is to remove the underlying anxiety. Although hot flashes as a consequence of anxiety is a complex physiological process, ultimately it is only a single result of the basic anxiety that is the main issue that really needs to be resolved.