Antibacterial Cream for a Healthier Life

Conventional wisdom on treating minor cuts and abrasions would be to allow the wound to be exposed to the air and let them heal themselves naturally. Unfortunately, this process causes the formation of an ugly scab which would ultimately lead to skin scarring for life. This is because the skin is colonized by a large amount of bacteria which are normally harmless outside the body. However these microorganisms become opportunistic pathogens which can cause infections and pus once wounds appear on the skin. Bacteria are ubiquitous, they can be found in the air, water, soil, plants, animals and even some live in the human body and on the skin. The most important characteristic of bacteria is that they multiply quickly and thus antibacterial creams have to be applied as soon as possible to stifle their growth.

Several types of ointments have been formulated to speed up the healing process and prevent scarring. Antibacterial creams are a series of products designed to control bacterial infections. They are often used on blisters, cuts, burns, acne and insect bites. If the creams are applied to wounds quickly, this can prevent scarring and scabbing as it promotes moist healing of the wound and prevents or reduces inflammation.

Antibacterial creams are very useful products which can be obtained from your local pharmacy or from online shopping sites. Some examples of products in the market that you can find include avene cicalfate and neosporin. Instructions are often included with the cream itself when you purchase from the local shops or from online stores. To use the cream, clean the wound or affected area with plenty of warm water and then pat dry with a paper towel or a clean cloth. Then wash your hands and apply a small amount of antibacterial cream to the area and cover with a sterile gauze or bandage to prevent reinfection.

Antibacterial creams usually contain antiseptic to kill opportunistic bacteria. Natural antibiotic alternatives like tea tree oil, neem tree oil or eucalyptus oil is sometimes used to make this cream which can be very or more effective than pharmaceutical medicine in reducing swelling and pain.

In conclusion, antibacterial creams are very useful products to treat all kinds of wounds, cuts and abrasions caused by bacterial infections. However, they are not the be all and end all solution as deep puncture wounds are not effective to be treated by this method. You might have to visit the local hospital to be treated by a registered physician or receive stitches for the wound.