Anti-Snoring Ring – Do They Work?

If you are reading this article the chances are you a snorer, or someone you sleep with is and you are looking for a simple safe affordable solution. Does the anti-snore ring fit the bill? Well in this article I will explain the contributing factors you need to address as well as a review of anti-snore rings,what they are and how they work, so you can decide for yourself if they are worth bothering with.

Other factors

The simple fact is as with most health issues life style plays an important part and this is just the same with snoring.

Overweight- One of the many problems of being overweight is after a while you build small fatty deposits around the throat area reducing your airways and dramatically increasing your chances of snoring,

Alcohol- Alcohol relaxes the muscles around the throat causing a sagging effect closing the air passage making breathing more laboured causing the dreaded snores

Smoking- Smoking reduces your breathing capacity and also irritates the lining of the throat vastly increasing the chances of chronic snoring

Anti-snore ring

What are they?

The anti-snore ring is a metal band that fits on the small finger (or on both if you are a really heavy snorer) between the knuckle and the first joint.

Inside the band are two small bumps that apply a light constant pressure.

You can purchase a snore ring for around $50 or a little cheaper on-line. They should be worn for about 30 minutes before bed and when you are asleep

How do they work?

They are supposed to work by a method called acupressure which is a ancient healing method discovered in Asia about 5000 years ago.

Basically the two bumps inside the ring put pressure on certain energy lines in the body that stimulate the heart and lungs improving breathing.

Do anti-snoring rings actually work?

This is quite hard to gauge as they may have a placebo effect on some of the wearers To be honest, most feedback I’ve read has been negative, seeing little or no effect at all, but at around $50 it could be worth a go as most reputable dealers will offer you a 30 day money back guarantee