Anti-Aging Exercise – Dr Oz 'Top Tips For Longevity and a Healthier Stronger Body

Anti aging exercise or exercise to help your longevity to help strengthen your muscle tissue and bones is one of the most common ways to get more than an extra decade out of your life. One of the most common deaths among people over 75 years plus is a simple fall or trip, which if your bones are brittle, will easily fracture or break.

Dr Oz, resident Doctor on the Oprah Winfrey show observed the research conducted by the National Geographic magazine where studies were carried out over a 7 year period into the blue zones, or hot zones around the globe, where people far exceeded living 100 years plus.

One of the four blue zones was located in Sardinia, 120 miles south of Italy, where this beautiful island is known for the world's largest population of male centenarians . Studies revealed that what contributed to their longevity was their daily exercise accompanied with their diet, rich in sardines, goats milk, pecorino cheese and the red wine resveratrol effect.

Sardines have omega 3 in them, key minerals with lots of iron which strengthens your blood and heart. Research has also shown that it could potentially protect against heart disease and Alzheimer's and the goat's milk is extremely high in calcium and great for your bones.

The pecorino cheese in Sardinia is well known for being rich in omega 3 fatty acids too, made from grass-fed cow's milk, you get an extra dose of omega 3. If you add a chunk of cheese with a slice of whole grain bread, you've got a Sardinian snack with some longevity.

The majority of Sardinian men also spend much of their life outdoors. Absorbing natural Vitamin D is crucial to strengthening your organs and the daily exercise for most may be goat herding or farming. Both are low impact sports which will burn the calories like wild fire.

The hidden secret however which Doctors have disclosed attributes to the anti-aging process is what's known as the resveratrol effect. ResV as it's also known best can be described as an artery scrubber.Found in the skin of the grape, resveratrol is a fungi which forms naturally as deterrent to fight of bacteria so as to keep the grape healthy.

Sardinian wine has approximately three times the strength of resveratrol in it than wine bought in your local supermarket as grapes are now farming using pesticides which eliminates the natural production of resveratrol, and therefore without it's naturally made as it is in Sardinia, there will be almost no volume of ResV in the bottle.

Fortunately, after three years of medical research into anti aging exercise ResV is now sold in the bottle. Each bottle contains 60 tabs and one bottle is the equivalent to 1000 bottles of Sardinian red wine so the concentration is obviously high.