Answers To Laser Treatment


Fungal nail infection or Onychomycosis has become very common in the UK today. Between 5-10% of the UK's population has been affected by this disease at present. Most nail problems are usually related to fungus and are usually ignored by most people because there has never been any reliable and effective treatment until today. Toes have been known to turn yellowish green or even blue in some cases. Nail fungus would cause discoloring of toes, they also start to become thick and become difficult to cut. Well you can find a number of clinics in London who use the finest laser treatment to get rid of this condition.

In the article I am going to tell you a little about the clinics and answer the most common questions that come to people's mind when they think of treating nail fungus.

1. How long does the treatment take – Laser treatment is very efficient and usually takes only one and half hours which includes consultation. During consultation doctors will answer any questions you may have and clear all your doubts.

2. How Much is the charge for consultation – There is no charge for any initial consultation, this consultation is when doctors would decide whether you need laser foot treatment or not. If you were to take an appointment consultation would usually cost around £ 50. This would be deducted from your treatment fee. These clinics also offer 0% finance for your treatment.

3. What is the charge for treatment – Treatment charge for laser treatment is usually £ 750 which is inclusive of consultation. This would include treatment for all your toe nails as well as two follow up appointments. The first of which is after 6 months and the second after 12. The clinics will also provide you with an antifungal spray. This would prevent re-infection.

4. What are my payment options – These clinics would provide you 0% finance for your treatments. You pay this over a period of time which is convenient to you. You could discuss your payment option with the staff of the clinic and see what suits you best.

5. How effective is the treatment – This treatment has been shown to be more than 88% effective in clinical studies. This figure is on the rise as advances in technology are making the treatment better and more effective by the day.

6. Does the treatment hurt – This treatment is more or less painless. There are sometimes when you might feel a slight prick which would probably last just a second.

7. Can you have your finger nail fungus treated – This treatment can be used on your fingernails as well.

8. What if the nail infection returns – During the consultation doctors will give you advice on how to avoid re- infection. As mentioned earlier you would have provided anti-fungal sprays and creams. They would also advise you to stop walking barefoot in dirty wet areas.

These are few of the most important questions answered. These clinics give out all sorts of information on their websites which would answer all your questions and doubts. So if you do suffer with these conditions go ahead and have your toes checked at a clinic near you.