Answers from Ayurveda: Autumn Skin Care

Protective Measures – How to avoid dry, chapped or cracked skin

The easiest way to get your skin feeling smooth and soft is adopt the following simple morning and evening routine. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive and you will see and feel the benefits within days.

– barrier bathing

use light non-toasted sesame or almond oil to massage over the skin before bathing. If you’re in a rush a quick rub over problem areas will do before showering as usual. This gives a protective film to the skin that counteracts the drying nature of soap. In India it is common to mix a little oil with soap before bathing.

– evening skin drink

before turning in for the night, reach for the sesame oil again and massage into your skin pay particular attention to your hands and feet. While you sleep your skin will drink in the beneficial properties of the sesame oil. If you want to add an aromatherapy boost try adding a drop of your favourite essential oil before applying.

The added benefit of this quick and easy beauty routine is that it will help you sleep well and encourage anxious thoughts from the day to drift down from your head and out through your toes as you massage them!

Tip: Massaging a little sesame oil across your shoulders helps boost immunity and protect from autumn chills apply again in the morning for best results.

Hydration and Lubrication – Keeping Smooth from the Inside Out

To counteract the drying nature of Autumn be sure to sip plenty of water throughout the day and use good quality natural oils in cooking such as olive oil or ghee (ghee is clarified butter and is available from most grocery stores).

The cold dryness of Autumn is dehydrating to the body both inside and out, sipping hot herbal teas like peppermint and lemon and ginger help keep the body hydrated inside and out.

Turmeric – Ayurveda’s secret ingredient for a healthy glow

Turmeric is an amazing herb with many beneficial properties. When it comes to clear skin with a healthy glow turmeric is the way to go. For centuries brides in India and Thailand have used turmeric to give their skin a healthy glow for their wedding day.

Here’s a simple way for you to do the same. Add a small pinch of turmeric powder to your favourite exfoliating cream and then massage into your face and rinse thoroughly. Be careful not to get turmeric on clothes or towels as it can stain.

In conclusion: keep warm and well oiled and you and your skin should slide through Autumn in glowing health.