Ankle Sprains – Grade I, II and III – Using Braces to Help a Sprained Ankle


Has your ankle ever sustained an injury? Is your ankle sprained now? What is it like for you?

Ankle Sprains

Injury to an ankle is most often a sprain. When the ligaments of the ankle stretch and are torn, a sprain occurs. Playing sports may be the most common cause of a sprain, but it can also happen to anyone. Various conditions can stretch or tear the ligaments, like stepping off a curve or walking on uneven ground.

Rolling the foot inward and under the body is often the cause of a sprain. A "pop" or "snap" is often said to accompany the injury. After this sort of sprain, walking can be difficult and there will be pain and swelling in the affected area.

A visit to your doctor is needed to determine the exact nature of the injury. The most important tool in examining your ankle is an X-ray, which will indicate if the injury is a sprain or a fraction.

Ankle Sprain Grades

Ankle sprains are graduated according to their severity, and there are currently three grades: Grades I, II, and III. Following are the descriptions and some symptoms for each grade.

Grade I sprain

  • It is the mildest type of sprain
  • Joint stiffness, nominal swelling, and pain can occur
  • There is a minor tear of the ligament, usually the anterior talofibular
  • The use of a brace will allow normal activity to resume

Grade II sprain

  • Pain is more severe, with joint stiffness and swelling
  • The ligament is torn
  • There is some loss of function, difficulty walking, and difficulty raising toes
  • Full strength and stability may be gained after three months

Grade III sprain

  • There is severe pain
  • Major swapping and stiffness are present
  • The ligament has ruptured completely
  • Most often, absolute restriction of movement is necessary for healing
  • Some people may need surgery for their injured ankle. However, noninvasive methods are now far more common
  • It could take four months or more to recover completely from the injury

Support Using Braces

Whether an ankle sprain is mild or severe, a good investment for you to think about is an ankle brace. Braces have varied types and styles, including colors and patterns that appeal to both the young and the young at heart. Through a brace, your pain may be reduced, stability may increase, and healing may improve.

* This is health information. Remember to speak with your physician regarding your particular situation.