Ankle Pain Relief – Treatment Options For Sprains – How a New Brace Support Can Help You Now


Does your ankle really bother you?

Have you roled it and now you are looking for some answers?

1.) Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are actually one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries that you can suffer. Sudden stretches to a ligament of the ankle, either partially or completely tearing the ligament, can result in a sprain. This can happen on either the inside or outside of your ankle joint.

Many times people will suffer from an ankle sprain when the ankle has muscle weakness that is already preexisting, or if a person has a history of ankle problems. The typical injury will happen when the person "twists" their ankle either while playing sports or stepping on a surface that is uneven.

2.) Symptoms You May Encounter in an Ankle Sprain

A.) Popping Sensation
B.) Immediate Swelling – This happens as the blood vessels can leak fluid into the tissue around the injury.
C.) Pain when moving the ankle

3.) Grades of Ligament Injuries

When a person sprains a ligament the grade of tear is on a scale of I – III. At the low end of the scale is a partial tear, while a grade three would be a complete tear of the ligament. Partial tears of the ankle joint can retain some level of stability while a complete tear means the ligament stability has been compromised.

4.) Treatment Options

Rest, ice and limitation of walking are often recommended for an injured ankle. The leg can also be elevated to help you reduce your swelling. – You may also want to consider getting an ankle brace to help support an injured ligament.

5. Different Types of Ankle Braces

When you have accidentally compromised the stability of your ankle joint, you will want to help support it with a brace for many reasons.

A.) A well designed ankle support can help reduce your ankle discomfort.

B.) A brace can help to improve your stability. We are not always recommending rushing back into weight bearing once you have sprained your ankle, but an ankle brace can seriously help you feel more secure again.

C.) Lastly, you will get more confidence when you use an ankle support.

D.) Activities: The other good thing about a well designed ankle support is that you can use them before, during or after activities. The reason why we bring that up is that sometimes people like to use ice to help treat their ankle problems, but just imagine trying to use ice during a game, … it just will not work as well as a brace.

* This is health information, remember to speak to your doctor about health advice for your particular situation.