Ankle Ligament Treatment

Ankle rehab has become an extremely relevant topic in recent decades due to the alarmingly high number of ankle sprains. In fact, there are over 25,000 ankle sprains a day in the United States alone! Unfortunately, there is very little good information about how to rehab a sprained ankle or get the best kind of ankle exercises to heal fully and quickly.

It’s been generally accepted that an ankle twist heals slowly. With the conventional treatment known as R.I.C.E. ( Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation ), rehab takes 2-8 weeks.

Most of us don’t have 2-8 weeks to lie around waiting for a twisted ankle to heal. Actually, once the ankle swelling is reduced with R.I.C.E, agony is lessened so that rehabilitative exercises can begin in one or two weeks. But it is’s a slow and boring plan of action, and it does not address fortifying the ankle and augmenting flexibility.

Weakened ankles are at the mercy of further injury and can even cause other physical issues throughout the body, such as leg and back injuries. In fact, recurring ankle sprains can require surgical intervention. So it’s important not only to fix the sprain but to also reinforce the tendons and ligaments of the ankle.

Isn’t there a faster way?

Through advances in sports medication, now we know it is definitely possible to heal an ankle sprain much more quickly and safely, while buttressing the ankle at the same time. Now, healing a twisted ankle can take days rather than weeks, with the added benefit of stronger ankles.

Scott Malin, a well known and highly regarded strength and conditioning coach guaranteed by the celebrated national Academy of Sports medicine, has developed a discovery ankle rehab system known as H.E.M. H.E.M. Was made with years of analysis and practical application and has proven to noticeably reduce healing time.

Whether you are a top-flight sportsman or a weekend warrior, H.E.M. Is shown to deliver ends in considerably less time than standard ankle twist treatments. Scott’s clients can walk without discomfort in a day or 2, and they even resume sporting activities in about one week!

What are the advantages of H.E.M.?

> Noticeably reduces swelling and eases agony so you can begin rehabilitative exercises earlier

> Repairs neuromuscular damage

> Improves flexibility

> gives a proactive approach to strengthening weak ankles

> Helps forestall the recurrence of ankle injury

> Improves posture, balance and strength

> Can significantly ease discomfort in hips, knees, and the back

> Is easy and takes just a couple of mins a day to rehab the ankle

> results in pain-free walking in days and the facility to return to sports in about a week

Now that we know better, we can do better. It is definitely possible to heal your ankle twist fast and get stronger in the act.

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